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The #3 star is especially strong this year because of the intrinsic wood energy dominating the earth element of the southwest which also plays host to the Yin House from the 24 mountains.  Hostility and anger surround the Southwest sector due to the presence of the #3 Quarrelsome Star in that area. This can mean heated discussions, major arguments, and even legal issues if care is not taken.  If your bedroom, main door or family room is in this sector, look out for relationship troubles. Keeping the sector peaceful helps avoid the maximum negativity, and do not undertake renovations or repairs in the sector this year. Walk away from an argument, whether at home or work, rather than saying or doing something that raises your temper or angers those around you.  

The # 3 Hostile Star is regarded as the evil star of disputes and quarrels. It is usually responsible for bickering, disagreements, litigation and a great deal of agitation arising between members of the same household or amongst family members when it flies into your bedroom. And also between residents and others such as business associates, friends and so forth. At its worst, the #3 star can bring costly and lengthy lawsuits that threaten to cause you significant loss unless it is kept controlled and suppressed. This is particularly true in 2021 if your front door faces or is located in the Southwest sector of your house. Here the SW affects the mother of the family, causing the matriarchal energy to weaken, and this is not a good thing. The mother energy is nurturing energy; and it needs to be strong for families to stay happy and together. This Star also afflicts the sheep and monkey-born.  At work, anyone having an office in the Southwest will experience severe conflicts. To avoid conflicts leading to permanent rifts, it is a good idea to introduce some red into the office. If this continues unchecked, it can cause you to lose your job or fall out with someone important. So do take this seriously and install the cures as soon as you can.


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