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OX 2022





In the year 2022, the Ox will not suffer from serious illnesses, but they may experience minor illnesses on occasion. This year, some Ox people may develop cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. As a result, the Ox should pay close attention to his or her health. They should also eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that are too greasy.  The 13, 25, 73, and 85-year-old Ox are all in good health. The 61-year-old has a reading that is neither positive nor negative.  Ox, who is 37, 49, and 97 years old, will need to be extra cautious in 2022 when it comes to health-related issues in general. As far as health is concerned, Ox must take extra precautions. The COVID-19 virus is still a potential danger. Do not let your guard down, even if you have been vaccinated. Consider getting vaccinated if you haven't done so already. The hands and limbs of the Ox are at the risk of suffering from health-related issues this year. Do not wait too long to seek medical attention if you are experiencing any unfavorable health effects.

Love Relationship 

There will be no major setbacks in love and relationships for the Ox in 2022, but there will also be no significant progress. They should care more for their partners, understand and tolerate them more if they want to maintain a good relationship with them. In love and relationships, the Ox people are diligent and down-to-earth and very steady and persistent. They will be brave to pursue someone they like if they have a crush on them. In 2022, the single Ox guys are very likely to end their status as singletons.  


In 2022, the Ox will have a very successful career. They will have the opportunity to be promoted to a higher rank with the help of their patrons. It will undoubtedly benefit their career if they can seize the opportunity. The competition, on the other hand, will be fierce. If Ox wants to excel and stand out among its many competitors, it must work harder and avoid becoming proud and arrogant as a result of its efforts. This year, it is proper and appropriate for them to change jobs, and they will seek out a company that is better suited to their professional development. 


Ox’s overall financial situation (income and expenditure) will remain stable this year in terms of financial luck. Their interpersonal relationship will be very good thanks to the auspicious “Tianyi Star.” They will meet their patrons, who will assist them in making a fortune as a result of their positive interpersonal relationships.  As a result,  Ox should undergo regular physical examinations to avoid a financial crisis caused by illness. They should, however, be cautious of ruining and obstructing the “evil/ill star sign,” as this will inevitably increase their medical expenses. As a result, it is advised that the Ox undergo regular physical examinations to avoid a financial crisis caused by illness.



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