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OX 2021


Lucky Number: 0, 5
Lucky Color: Yellow, Red
In 2021 - the Xin Chou year, the Chou (丑) earthly branch corresponds to the animal sign Ox, which belongs to earth in five elements. Therefore, Ox people will conflict Tai Sui. The heavenly stem Xin (辛) of 2021 belongs to metal, which is in the generating cycle with earth and it will promote the Ox horoscope to a certain extent. However, Ox horoscope will be suppressed by Tai Sui in Ben Ming Nian. Fortunately, earth is good for horoscope and the bad fortune caused by conflicting Tai Sui will be compromised by it, so you Oxen can at least settle down for the year. 
According to your horoscope and feng shui forecast 2021, those born into the sign of the Ox can look forward to many blessings in 2021. Not only is this your year (Year of the Ox), but you also have decent element luck and heightened energy. It could be a fast-paced time, but wealth luck increases so it’s worth it. Ox charts show one Small Auspicious Star, which indicates small but meaningful success ahead. Enjoy even these small accomplishments because they pave the way to even more. Even if this isn’t a monumental year, you will still have much to be happy about.  


Element luck for the Ox shows promise, but there is work to be done on your confidence and determination. Success luck is good and life force is fine. However, spirit essence for the Ox is very much weakened. This is where the lack of self-confidence comes from and you’ll need it to accomplish what you desire. Believe in yourself and not in what others think of you.

Every Ox can benefit by carrying the Ox Annual Amulet, to fully awaken and activate positive chi energy that is within reach. Elemental therapy is essential to maximize inner essence by way of boosted Earth energy. To do this, wear natural gemstones to bolster your aura and also enhance your confidence in yourself. We suggest the Selenite Aura pendant

Success (windhorse) energy is encouraging, at a good level. But to make the most of your personal lung ta, carry or wear a Wind horse amulet. A suggestion would be the Wind horse for Success Luck Keychain.  


In this Year of the Ox, your sign hosts the #9 Future Prosperity Purple Star, meaning wealth is on its way. Each month that goes by, it grows stronger till you arrive at the Period 9, beginning February 4, 2024. Future wealth is definitely coming, and you are motivated by this star and its Fire energy.

Think about long-term goals and plans without becoming discouraged or impatient. Look for smaller accomplishments along the way instead of desiring instant money or success. Use this time wisely, to lay groundwork for your future.   



The good news is, the Small Auspicious Star arrives for the Ox. You should welcome small successes that pave the way for even bigger ones. Lay the foundation and look at your pathway for the future. The Small Auspicious is located on your left and ushers in the possibility of auspicious fortune. You’ll need to fully enhance it, though, by displaying the Feng Shui enhancer Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious to give it the boost it needs.

On your right, however, is the Yearly Conflict Star. It can mean angry energy around you, and people wanting you to enter into an argument. They may object to your plans and won’t offer support. Teamwork is not favored now as co-workers are difficult to work with and office politics rears its head. Carry the Dorje Drolo Scorpion Amulet Keychain as protection against this hostility.

You are in direct conflict with the Tai Sui (God of the Year) this year. Tai Sui rules over all that occurs and if you have his blessings things go well. If you offend him in some way, his anger comes alive, bringing roadblocks and negative luck. The Pi Yao is known in feng shui culture as the way to appease his anger, so placing the Pair of Feng Shui Golden Pi Yao in the Northeast this year is advised. Carry also the Pi Xie Feng Shui Keychain or Pi Xiu Wealth Bracelet 

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