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Feng Shui Gambling Talisman

*NEW* Victory in Gambling Talisman

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Gambling and winning Luck Talisman 

This amulet brings speculative and competitive victory. It is ideally worn when placing money bets, gambling in casinos or just having a casual bingo night out. Ideal for those involved in highly competitive activities such as racing, sports, sales or any other type of event that requires you to win. It also brings speculative luck, and 

On one side is the Victory Wind Horse carrying a precious jewel on its back while traveling through the winds of cyclic change. On the other side is the Jupiter Yantra grid, to bring the luck of numbers on your side. Encircling both sides is the Victory Wind Horse mantra to protect you against harmful karma accidentally received or created by you in your competitive activities.

This wind horse amulet has the meanings of winning over your competitors and achieves great victory. 

Metal medallion measure 1.6" diameter- available in key-chain/charm or pendant


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