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Monthly Flying Stars Cures for August 2017

Monthly Flying Stars Cures for August 2017

What are the Monthly Flying Stars? 
Don't get too confused just yet! This is quite simple. 
The Flying Stars do not change over the course of the year, but there are monthly ones that shift their sectors every month. These "make the yearly stars" some company for each month. 
The optimal way to update your feng shui is to pay attention to their position changes in order to make the most out of the auspicious stars and suppress the bad energies brought by the malignant stars. However, if you are comfortable with just the yearly Flying Stars, then there is no need for adjustments monthly.

The numbers on the left in the 9 grids of the charts below indicate the annual star while the numbers on the right indicate the monthly star. 


Below you will find recommendations of Feng Shui cures you can use to cure, enhance or minimize any negative effects from any flying star. By knowing the positions in advance you will be able to tap into the great luckand open doors of wonderful possibilities with auspicious stars and also protect yourself from any negative energy that may be flying your way, from inauspicious stars.

Remember, you can move cures around from month to month. However, it is very important that the ANNUAL cure for the star must not be moved from where it was placed at beginning of the year.





CENTER (STAR #2) - The sickness star takes over the Center sector during this month. The first daughter will be the most affected. If any bedroom or rooms of people with health issues as well as the first daughter, it is advised to cure this area for protection or prevention of illness.
Cures for this area:


Blue Herbal Wulou    
Blue Medicine Buddha    
Longevity Vase Charm    
Wulou with Birds    
Garuda Metal Card


NORTHWEST (STAR #3) - This quarrelsome star will affect this area during August and first days of September by causing major arguments, disagreements, verbal violence and more. Some fights may arise for no reason. These could bring legal consequences. Stress and tensions will happen in all relationships, marital, business, friendships. Remember, try not to have any noisy or loud activities in this area.

Cures for this area:


Makara Dragon for Harmony    
Harmony Vase Charm
Fireball Charm to control Legal Disputes

WEST (STAR #4)-  Activate this sector during this time, especially if you are in the communications field, if you are a student or work creatively, becuase you will see more accomplishment and your projects bloom. Also for those in sales or marketing, luck will be boosted.

Suggested Cures:

100-6544-92663.1480782626.1280.1280-01275.1490397777.230.350.jpgCarp Crossing for Education
Creativity Fulfilling Tree


NORTHEAST (STAR #5) - Watchout! The #5 misfortune star will take over this area during this month. This star bring all kinds of bad luck and stress. Anything can happen, from financial crisis, accidents, illnesses and broken relationships between family or business partners. If this is an important area of your home, such as your bedroom, office or family room, be careful and take your precautions. Productivity will also seem affected due to the negative energy here, opportunities will seem to fall short.

Suggested Cures:

   1433963200334-1993292216-23533.1436895653.230.350.jpgChundi Mirror                       
Salt Cure
5 Element Pagoda

 Great prosperity luck is expected for residents in this sector during August and first days of September. Enhance this lucky star to enjoy a windfall from heaven. You will also see improvements in your career and business.

Suggested Cures:

Heaven Seal to receive Help and Support from Heavenly Mentors
Windhorse will bring you Triumph and Victory

NORTH (STAR #7) - The inauspicious Robbery Star will dominate this sector during this month. Pay attention to main rooms here and those who live here. This star beings possibilities of deceit, betrayal, burglary and conflict. The excess of metal from this star may attract accidents or unfortunate events, be mindful of when handling sharp metallic instruments here.


Anti Burglary Mantra Stickers

Anti Burglary Plaque            
Bejeweled Rhino                
Auspicious Umbrella


SOUTHWEST (STAR #8) - The wonderfully auspicious flying star #8 takes over this sector! With it it brings energy that will attract great fortune and career luck, for those that wish to have an uplift in these two areas of your life. Keep going, don't give up and you will find your profits during this month.

Suggested Cures:

Feng Shui Figure 8 Statuette to Enhance Wealth Luck
Vasudhara Invites Wealth & Abundance into your Home
Money Frog, brining Money into your Home

EAST (STAR #9) - Everyone residing here will enjoy prosperity luck during this month as well as energies of incoming good fortune. Expect good news as well as great outcomes in business and career matters. Organize a social event in this sector and expect great results!

Suggested Cures:


Wealth Buddha Sitting over Coins & Ingots for Abundance
Pak Choi for Money Making Opportunities
Happy Laughing Wealth Buddha

SOUTHEAST (STAR #1) -  The number of the yearly flying star and the monthly add up to the number 10. This means that the energy created here will be specially beneficial for making progress in career and financial pursuits! Take advantaje of this and enhance this area to the fullest to receive great business, investments and clientele with open arms. If you are an entertainer, expect a rise in your Fame luck this month.

Suggested Cures:


Victory Banner to Triumph over all Difficulties, Enemies & Competition
Buddha on Dragon Turtle Activates your Success

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