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The universe is in constant movement, this affects our personal luck directly as well as the spaces we live in. Chinese astrology offers predictions of luck/afflictions in certain areas of the home, these are called the “Flying Stars”, as in moving stars, very much like Eastern astrology.

Feng Shui astrology predicts the luck of every home depending on where it is facing and its individual areas. This calculation can be done yearly, monthly, and even daily and hourly.

Many choose to follow only the yearly, and others make arrangements yearly and monthly.

Why? This can be significant for special occasions held in a specific area of the home, for instance, business meetings, special visitors, family reunions, and even to further protect the home of negativity from neighbors or certain people coming into the home.

With cures and symbols, you can energize or subdue the energy in your spaces and tap into the luck and protect from afflictions/predictions throughout the month.

If you are currently following the yearly “Flying Stars” and want to make arrangements monthly. We suggest you keep the yearly cures in place. Monthly cures can be moved around depending on your needs.

In each grid you will see 2 numbers. The number in the CENTER indicates the yearly star’s position and the number in the lower RIGHT hand corner indicates the monthly star’s position.






A very lucky sector during the month of April as it is being blessed by the prosperity energy of star 8.

Which will bring income luck and windfall luck for all.If you have an office or wealth area and are looking to enhance financial gain, energize this section during this time, you can set up a money bowl here. Use this part of the home as much as possible. Younger people spending time in this area will also enjoy better love luck this month. You can burn a money blend and a love blend once a week.




The south will be a great area for any of those looking to enhance scholastic success.

This sector is being energized by star 4. However, there is excessive Wood energy here which can cause quarrels between family members and even the interference of a third party. We suggest you stay alert to anyone using addulation as a way to cause harm. 

We suggest you place an Amethyst under your bed and carrying the marriage saver and scholastic charm if important tests are taking part in the month.




Unexpected windfall luck will fall upon people who spend time in this area of the home. If one of your most frequented areas is here, use it and empower it. Place a Stupa here. 

This sector is energized by star 6, bringing celestial energies. However health issues caused by mental stress are very likely. If your bedroom is in this area, energize celestial energy with the 9 Tailed Fox.



Excessive metal element is found in the east as the violence star 7 falls in this area.

There are risks of robbery or accidents, if your main entrance is located here, subdue this negativity with cures. If your bedroom is located here, be mindful of your own personal safety throughout April, hang the anti robbery door amulet. Beware of betrayal from close friends or family members. Display a Rhino here.




The center is energized greatly by star 9 which brings prosperity and good news, especially if you are expecting them! Stars like these, the more they are enhanced, the better!

If you are planning a great gathering, it is the best time to do so, as the Yang energy is beneficial. Light incense or aromatic candles and place them in the center. Wear and place red color accents here, red is the wealth activator of the year as well as auspicious symbols.


The west will be afflicted by illness star 2. Marital issues are very likely as well as the loss of a child through a miscarriage.

If you are in any of these situations, make sure you take care of yourself and wear strong protectors. If your office or entrance is in the west, place success cures to enhance good fortune.

You can hang buddha wulous here.




The argumentative star 3 joins the illness star 2 and will bring very negative energy. Due to these clashing elements, marriages and other intimate relationships will suffer from tension and stress.

Any small argument can become big and uncontrollable. Keep this sector as quiet as possible and remove any bells or wind chimes during this month.


Use red accents here to subdue this energy and display the Red apple hanger.  


The misfortune star 5 will bring risk of high financial losses for those residing in homes facing the North. Keep this area quiet, and display a Pagoda.

This sector is highly unfavorable for males. Also, anyone in literature and students might find it difficult to stay productive. There are chances for some sort of injury in the body. Take care especially if you stay in this area. Carry an anti-illness protection amulet.



An amazing and powerful area this month. The sum of the 9 and 1 make 10. Which makes great completing luck for homes facing this direction and for rooms you stay in.

If you are seeking a promotion, career luck or fame, it is a great area to empower. Magnify good fortune with sum of ten amulet. It is a great time to pursue something new and exciting for those residing here. The Victory banner is a great cure here. 


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