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The universe is in constant movement, this affects our personal luck directly as well as the spaces we live in. Chinese astrology offers predictions of luck/afflictions in certain areas of the home, these are called the “Flying Stars”, as in moving stars, very much like Eastern astrology.

Feng Shui astrology predicts the luck of every home depending on where it is facing and its individual areas. This calculation can be done yearly, monthly, and even daily and hourly.

Many choose to follow only the yearly, and others make arrangements yearly and monthly.

Why? This can be significant for special occasions held in a specific area of the home, for instance, business meetings, special visitors, family reunions, and even to further protect the home of negativity from neighbors or certain people coming into the home.

With cures and symbols, you can energize or subdue the energy in your spaces and tap into the luck and protect from afflictions/predictions throughout the month.

If you are currently following the yearly “Flying Stars” and want to make arrangements monthly. We suggest you keep the yearly cures in place. Monthly cures can be moved around depending on your needs.

In each grid you will see 2 numbers. The number in the CENTER indicates the yearly star’s position and the number in the lower RIGHT hand corner indicates the monthly star’s position.




7-may1.pngThe misfortune stars will appear in pairs this month, attracting double the negativity in each area. The Southeast, being the bearer of #7, also bears the #7 within during the month of May through early June.

In this sector, the threat of burglary and violence will increase, specifically for females.
If you reside in this sector and/or your home faces in this direction, make sure you carry or hang an amulet. If you are someone that is very much outdoors with daily activities, make sure you are careful. Place an anti-burglary plaque in this sector or near your entrance. Avoid sharp objects which may lead to injuries. Keep this area well lit and keep the excess of mental energies to a minimum.



3-may1.pngDouble #3 brings double the arguments. This will be an extremely stressful month in what refers to conflicts between family members. Any minor argument can potentially escalate into major fights and can lead to legal issues.
Make sure you avoid any noisy activities in this area. Also, make use of red accents (fire energy) in this area to control the afflicted chi.

The double stars in every area will boost any negativity, especially for misfortunate stars. Keep bright lights here and keep noise to a minimum. Married couples or people going through any argumentative situations should be very careful and place marriage cures in this sector. Carry or hand the apple peace amulet to promote peace wherever you go.



5-may.pngDouble #5 brings double misfortune. The most dangerous star joins the annual five yellow as well, which creates a very critical combination, which will attract bringing misfortune and financial losses.

This afflicted chi will harm mothers and women during this month. Make sure to carry protection amulets, such as the 5 Element Pagoda Keychain as well as placing it in this area, if you don’t already have it. Ring bells or windchimes every time you get a chance in order to break and control the misfortunate energy. The chi of the sector will create strong dangers of illness and accidents. Avoid sleeping in this sector if possible, as well as placing a Garuda or carrying this amulet.



6-may.pngLuck will be double this month, so excellent money and financial luck from the heavens is attracted to this sector. Good fortune, windfall luck, and monetary gains are possible this month, take the opportunity, especially for male figures.

Try to spend more time here if any room is located in this sector, if this is your office space, energize it! Place Jade Plants and succulents in this sector to boost money luck and refresh the energy here. This will bring promising business and many opportunities from mentors appearing in your life. Attract your mentors and good luck by placing three warriors. Be careful with handling metal objects nevertheless.



8-may.pngThe center is double 8 during May! This brings fantastic opportunities for wealth creation for members of a family during this period of time. This area will be extremely fortunate and will attract wealth and abundance of luck and will be a good time to accumulate property.


Make sure you enhance this sector if you’re looking for positive money results this month. Place a water feature and boost the chi by increasing activity in this area. Spend time here and if your office or entrance is located here, face this direction while sitting in any area of the home.



1-may.pngNew career and business opportunities and expansion are possible this month if this sector is energized.

Victory and triumph await! Display a victory banner or carry it if you spend time in this area much of your time. Wealth and financial gains are a possibility and moneymaking opportunities as well. Display a wealth bowl to cause money luck. If you are looking for a promotion in your career, this will be a good month to create fame and money luck by boosting chi here.

Display the Windhorse here to enhance winning luck.



2-may.png2 Illness stars in this area will magnify negative feelings causing much worry, often times unnecessarily. Avoid these worries with a positive Laughing Buddha in this area. If your home faces this area, you may be prone to fall ill as well as attracting possibilities of digestive and liver issues. Display healing herbal wulous and turtles for protection.


The elderly or already ill should definitely move out of this sector this month and sleep elsewhere. There are possibilities for accidents. For those residing in this sector, carry the Garuda Anti Illness keychain with you at all time.



4-may.pngDouble #4 means double study and love luck! Success is fabulous for anyone who is involved in creative activity and artistic fields. If you are currently studying these subjects, enhance this luck with amulets. If you are a writer or a student preparing for exams, spend time studying in this sector and carry clear quartz or place it on your desk.

Romance and love luck will also thrive here, anyone residing here will appear very attractive. Display the Dragon and Phoenix in this sector to enhance love between married couples. If you are looking for love, place a cure here to attract a partner.



9-may.pngLuck for those living or homes facing in this direction will be fabulous. Good news awaits as there can be promotion luck and new job opportunities here.

Enhance this sector with Pears or other cures.

Keep this area clean and de-cluttered, this is very important to have clean energy flow towards success. Relationship luck looks amazing, enhance it with love crystals. Take advantage of the auspicious chi here to be organizing social events.