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Monthly Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast August 2017

Monthly Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast August 2017

 Feng Shui Monthly Zodiac Forecast for August 2017

Tap into your luck for August!
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During the month of August you will be caught in between some dilemmas at work. It's because you constantly want to show your professional skills, but you keep restricting yourself from other sides, such as previous partners or other opportunities. 
Wealth luck will not be looking too good, so you will need to be mindful about investments this month, investigate before making any decisions. Mental stress and physical discomfort will come fromemesis, diarrhea, insomnia, somniloquy or other symptoms. If you are up to it, travel a bit and relax from the pressure!

Cures suggested for Rat Sign: 


Natural Chinese Sleeping Disorder Supplement
Wealth & Power Amulet
Jade Knot & Jade Bloodstone from Unblocked Roads


OX: Setback ar work will be presented, expect changes on projects and decisions because of failed consideration of detail. Watchout for those out to frame and backstab you in the work place. Try not to communicate with those that you feel can cause your damage. Wealth wise, your luck doesn't look too good, protect your assets. When it comes to health, try to not excess in exercising, since you can get hurt.

Cures suggested for Ox Sign: 


Red Jade Knot Bracelet for Healing
DZI 8 for Blessings of Monetary Gains, Wealth & Fortune
Secret Dragon Amulet for Protection Against those with Bad Intentions


TIGER: Work and relationships with colleagues and leaders will go smoothly, you will also maintain good relationships with all of your clientele. The road to success will be hard, but will not be in vain, you will impress your leaders with your excellent skills. Your wealth luck is very elevated and may have even better fortune during the second half of the month, expect it with open arms!
If you are looking for a partner, you will also experience good luck. If you already have a loved one, create romantic enviornments and expect great results from this.

Cures suggested for Tiger Sign:




Green Tara for Activity and Career Success

RABBIT: You will feel pressured and face obstacles in the work place, this will cause your work to be interrupted and incompleted. Expect disputes with leaders and colleagues. Try to control your emotions and let go of things you can't change. Your windfall luck will be pretty good and it is a good time for investments, but don't get greedy. You will experience good luck with the opposite sex, if you are single, you might find the right one at work. Physically you may suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep because of pressures.

Cures suggested for Rabbit Sign:



Umbrella Symbol to Protect from Negative Influences
Kalachakra Against Obstacles & Negativity
Nanbu Wealth Amulet- Windfall Luck Magnifier
Carved Wealth Lock Pendant


DRAGON: Just like last month, your luck will continue to face obstacles. You will encounter issues in your career area and will continue to have an intense relationship with colleagues, clients, you need to keep protecting yourself from those that may backstab you. As for wealth luck, it will not look too good and you are likely to suffer from unexpected financial loss. Careful with gambling, pay attention to other activities more. Luck with the opposite sex is still bad, preserve yourself and prioritize your family stability and your own emotions. Health wise, you may suffer from insomnia and lack of concentration because of pressures in other aspects of your life.

Cures suggested for Dragon Sign:
The Victory Banner for Wealth Recovery
Rooster to Protect Against Politicking & Backbiting at work
Furry Fish to bring Better Business Relationship
4 Eyes DZI protection Against Legal Issues
Chinese Sleeping Disorder Supplement


SNAKE: Under the effect of inauspicious stars, your wealth luck will be affected. This means you should definitely be careful with your investments and investigate before making big decisions money wise. Be mindful of the amount of investment and ensure that you will not lose huge amounts of money. Luck with the opposite sex continues to be bad, single snakes will still find it hard to find true love. Health wise, careful with viruses and infectious diseases this month, stay away from crowded places and watchout for accidents.

Cures suggested for Snake Sign: 
Tiger Eye Pi Yao Bracelet for Protection Against Bad Luck
Preservation Wealth Box
Double Happiness Ring


HORSE: During the month of August you will feel discouraged due to not being able to implement many of your views or ideas. Sudden changes may catch you off gaurd, be prepared. Wealth luck is poor and is adverse to new investments. For any who work in business, it is advised to be careful with big movements of money this month. Love wise, your luck seems poor for singles. For those in love, don't lose your mind over a momentary desire, be patient and faithful to your love. No big issues in health, but don't forget to eat healthy and exercise.

Cures suggested for Horse Sign:
Tiger Eye Pi Yao Bracelet for Protection against Bad Luck
Increase Life Force Medallion
Wind Horse Flags to Uplift your Inner Energy

SHEEP: Prepare yourself for difficulties at work, resolve them on your own and don't expect help from others. Placing your destiny upon others is very dangerous this month. Poor luck in wealth is expected, spend wisely. Expect good luck with the opposite sex, for singles, participate in social activities throughout the month and you might find the one! Health wise, take care of your body below the knee.

Cures suggested for Sheep Sign:
Tara of Activity and Achievements at Work
Sunstone for Joy & Encouraging Independence


MONKEY: August is a month in which you will be prone to lawsuits and disputes in the workplace and family areas. However your Career luck will improve, but try to stay away from arguments and you will feel things getting better. In the workplace you will get help from other mentors or colleagues that will help showcase your abilities to your leaders. But be prepared, you can expect to be placed in an important position and promoted. Comparing to other months, your wealth luck will seem improved and you will be able to make short-term investments, which will bring you nice and profitable returns. Get enough rest and your health will not suffer.

Suggested Cures for Monkey Sign:


Fireball Charm to Control Legal Disputes 
Fireball Statuette for Control Over Disputes and Arguments
Monkey on Horse for Immediate Promotion Luck
Monkey on Horse Charm for Business Success
Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin

ROOSTER: Wealth is not favorable this month. Expect to feel a bit tight on expenses, you may end up borrowing from close friends or relatives. Try to increase your income and reduce your pleasure spending throughout the entire month. At work, there is great competition going on, you may feel pressured, but stay calm and don't argue over every single gain or loss, think about the near future and lay your foundation. Your love luck seems complicated especially if you are starting a new relationship or have recently broken up. If you aren't experiencing any serious troubles with your love then everything will continue to go smoothly.

Suggested Cures for Rooster:

Red Rooster Purse to Increase Prosperity and Income
Buddha on Dragon Turtle to Activate Income and Career Success
Green Jade to Increase Good Luck and Fortune
Prosperity Prayer Wheel to Increase your Personal Prosperity Potential


DOG: Dogs are prone to lawsuits and disputes this month, make sure to not overreact and think about the situation and how to take further action against your opponents. No difficulties can be expected at work, you will solve any issues in time as always. This month may be a month of self-study and reflection, take your time on this and improve your abilities. Love luck will be quite good and family relationships will go smoothly. Single dogs may meet the right one through relative or close friends. Health wise, be aware of gastrointestinal diseases, females pay attention to safety, especially bleeding of body parts above the neck.

Suggested cure for Dog Signs:

9 Rings Sword for Protection Against Authorities
Bejeweled Dragon with Sword Slices and Cuts Troubles in Court & Disputes
4 Eyes DZI Bracelet- Protection Against Lawsuits

BOAR: Great mentor luck shows up in the charts this month, despite pressures from work, you always find a viable way and receive help from your mentors. It's a great time to let your leaders know that you are interested in that important position, this will lead to more opportunities. Wealth luck looks great, you can increase your investments, especially with short-term ones. As to love, you will need to control yourself and be patient. Relationships must be handled properly. An office romance is probable this month, but you might want to put it to an end and focus on your bigger goals. 
Health wise, take care of your digestive system.

Suggested Cures for Boar Sign:

Metal Element Bracelet for Benefactors and Commercial Success
9 Diety Invocation Tablet
Heaven Support Charm
Nanbu Wealth Lock Coin

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