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The universe is in constant movement, this affects our personal luck directly as well as the spaces we live in. Chinese astrology offers predictions of luck/afflictions in certain areas of the home, these are called the “Flying Stars”, as in moving stars, very much like Eastern astrology.

Feng Shui astrology predicts the luck of every home depending on where it is facing and its individual areas. This calculation can be done yearly, monthly, and even daily and hourly.

Many choose to follow only the yearly, and others make arrangements yearly and monthly.

Why? This can be significant for special occasions held in a specific area of the home, for instance, business meetings, special visitors, family reunions, and even to further protect the home of negativity from neighbors or certain people coming into the home.

With cures and symbols, you can energize or subdue the energy in your spaces and tap into the luck and protect from afflictions/predictions throughout the month.

If you are currently following the yearly “Flying Stars” and want to make arrangements monthly. We suggest you keep the yearly cures in place. Monthly cures can be moved around depending on your needs.

In each grid you will see 2 numbers. The number in the CENTER indicates the yearly star’s position and the number in the lower RIGHT hand corner indicates the monthly star’s position.





star-7-on-6-1.pngThe Heavenly Stars favors everyone who remains in this area. If you find yourself in a competitive situation, make sure you move fast to beat the competition. Here place the Red Kuan Kon and the Victory Banner for competitive luck.




star-3-2.pngThis month, the illness star joins the argumentative start, which brings havoc to personal and business relationships. There may be some tough situations for marriages and close relationships, but cures and measures taken can be displayed to bring peace. For those involved in politics, it will be a bumpy month.


Display a Mystic Knot Windchime or the 5 Bats Charm in this area in June.


star-5-4.pngAn overall brilliant month for this sector and people or homes who reside here. There is overall luck improvements as well as positive chi flow. If you’re a student or a writer and your bedroom or workspace is in this area, spend your time here for smoother productivity and opportunities. Money luck improves as well. In this area place the Golden Frog to enhance these energies.


star-6-5.pngThose that reside in this sector, must bear an unfortunate month as the Five Yellow makes an appearance, bringing illness and misfortune, especially to the male members of the family. Keep control of the negative chi, cleanse this space if you feel that negative energy is building up or has built over time, especially if there is illness in the family. Avoid high-risk investments this month and watch out for mental stress. Place a 5 Element Pagoda here and the Elephant Water Fountain.

star-8-7.pngThe robbery star brings with it the possibility of violence and armed robbery. If your house faces in this direction, display protection as well as keep doors locked and secured. Display the Anti Burglary Plaque in this area, as well as keeping the windows locked each night. If you sleep in this area, be careful with money loss in the next weeks.



star-1-9.pngDuring the month of June, it is best to combine the sum of ten to create powerful energies. Activate this sector as best as you can to bring you auspiciousness, wealth and career luck. Business luck will be activated for those residing in this part of the house as well as if the home is facing in this direction as well. Display the sum of ten charm as well as the Blue Crystal Wulou in this area.


star-2-1.pngA good month as the white star flies into this sector, which brings with it career advancement and new opportunities! If your office is in this area, take advantage of this Chi. If you're a student, health might not look too good by carrying a health charm with you. Display the Victory Banner with 5 Elements and the Medicine Buddha Plaque.




The conflict star creates tension and the possibility of some sort of romantic issue or scandal. Watch out for emotional stress, which can cause aggression and relationship problems. Display the Red Apple in this sector to control this chi.



star-9-8.pngGood news and happy ocassions, as well as prosperity luck energy,  are being created in this sector. Males will have many social gatherings for networks in this area, be careful of fights with elders. For happy energy, display the Red Apple Hanger in this sector.