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The universe is in constant movement, this affects our personal luck directly as well as the spaces we live in. Chinese astrology offers predictions of luck/afflictions in certain areas of the home, these are called the “Flying Stars”, as in moving stars, very much like Eastern astrology.

Feng Shui astrology predicts the luck of every home depending on where it is facing and its individual areas. This calculation can be done yearly, monthly, and even daily and hourly.

Many choose to follow only the yearly, and others make arrangements yearly and monthly.

Why? This can be significant for special occasions held in a specific area of the home, for instance, business meetings, special visitors, family reunions, and even to further protect the home of negativity from neighbors or certain people coming into the home.

With cures and symbols, you can energize or subdue the energy in your spaces and tap into the luck and protect from afflictions/predictions throughout the month.

If you are currently following the yearly “Flying Stars” and want to make arrangements monthly. We suggest you keep the yearly cures in place. Monthly cures can be moved around depending on your needs.

In each grid you will see 2 numbers. The number in the CENTER indicates the yearly star’s position and the number in the lower RIGHT hand corner indicates the monthly star’s position.







During this month, the SE will be very much affected by negative energy. Combining the misfortune #5 star with the violent & robbery star #7 will cause health issues as well as the threat of accidents, theft, robbery, and misfortunes. We recommend you install a 5 element Pagoda here, especially if you or anyone else resides in this main area, or if it faces the main entrance. The illness energy generated here will cause complications or injury in the liver region, we suggest you display powerful healing WuLous here as well. Also, there can be health issues caused by excessive worrying, arguments in the household as well. Also, display a Rhino & Elephant near the entrance, if the SE if your home facing direction.




This sector will receive a positive boost of auspicious luck due to the #1 victory star, especially in the career advancement area and business opportunities. Make sure you display a Victory Banner to encourage this prosperous energy, especially if your entrance or office is facing South. Expect changes for anyone living in this sector, however, you should keep an eye out for conflicting energies. Wood #3 will cause heartache caused by gossip and slander as well as a legal issue. Make sure you place the Tzi Chi Kau here and carry it with you.




The conflict star #3 will add some negative energy fuel to the misfortune #5 star in the SW during the month of July. Make sure you remedy this with a 5 Element Chime or Bell. There are indications of negative business luck caused by money disputes. If your home faces to the SW, you need to know that it is a bad time to sign business contracts or deals. Keep this area as quite a possible, expect severe cash flow issue. Display the 6 Red Apples to bring peace to conflict vibes.




A great, fortuitous month awaits in this sector, with the combination of romance and creative achievements. Because the luck of heaven is here, both these stars will bring unexpected financial gains in the form of windfall luck. Make sure you display cures such as the 6 Smooth Coins to activate auspicious energies. Writers, students and any of those working in media will benefit from this amazing energy. 





This is such a lovely combination of stars in the center during July, you must take advantage! These will bring prosperity and popularity luck to those residing in this sector. There will be many opportunities in the business area too. Enhance this with Feng Shui cures for business and carry your lucky amulets. If your home faces in this direction, keep this area well lit to improve the vibrations. In terms of romance, it might get lonely this month. Display your favorite Feng Shui love cures to bring new love or rekindle your present relationship.





The west is looking very auspicious and prosperous this month and brings excellent wealth outlooks for all. It will be a good time to advance in your career and business. If your main entrance, office or bedroom is here, take advantage of money luck. Enhance the abundance energy with 5 Element Victory Banner or Treasure Vase. Watch out for sibling arguments and rivalry this month in the West. Display a Flaming Sword to avoid this.





A Medicine Buddha will be helpful in this sector throughout July, there will be malevolent energies here. Pregnant women should avoid this area altogether. If you are staying in this sector, make sure you display a protective Wu Lou. Keep this sector quite this month, if you spend some time here, make sure you keep this space in peace.





 The illness star will be staying in this sector during the month, it will affect internal organs in the abdominal region. If you are residing here, have has past health issues or your home faces North, make sure you remedy this area with Health Symbols. On the other hand, there are good signs in terms of academic achievement and success in literacy. You can enhance this positivity with Dragon Carp. Married women will need to keep an eye out for female companionship from their loved ones, as they are likely to succumb into extra-marital affairs. Deflect this luck with the Marriage Saver Pendant.




The NW will be very unlucky this month, as the Violent Star #7 will attract dangers of betrayal, theft and money loss. Display the Anti Burglary mountain here to suppress such energies. If your entrance faces NW, any occupants should stay protected and wear or carry a Rhino Amulet. Also, move any water features to this area. Water chi here will help keep your family safe from dangers caused by human carelessness.