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In terms of health and safety, due to the influence of “Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter)” and the ominous stars, the Monkeys have a very high risk of traffic accidents this year. As a result, Monkey drivers must be alert and cautious when operating vehicles. With the arrival of “Sui Po (Conflicting with Tai Sui’s position),” interpersonal relationships will be thrown into disarray. The Monkeys will be prone to quarrels with others over petty and trivial matters while under its influence, and some of them may even suffer from insomnia. However, the auspicious star of “Tian Jie” will appear to assist in the timely resolution of the crisis. The 6, 18, 66, and 78-year-old Monkeys have good health ratings. The 54-year-old have neutral reading. The 30, 42, and 90-year-old monkeys are the ones that need to pay more attention to their health in 2022. 
The health of these Monkeys must be a top priority. Still, COVID-19 is likely to pose a threat. Take precautions, even if you have had a vaccination. In the event that you haven't had the opportunity to be vaccinated, you should do so. This year's #2 Illness Star is also affecting the Monkey, so it's very vital to pay attention to your health. Additionally, these monkeys have health hazards related to the abdomen, stomach, and internal organs. 
You should seek medical attention as soon as you notice any health problems

Love/ Relationship

Single Monkeys will have good luck in love, and they are likely to meet the opposite sex they like during casual travel or business trips. There will be a chance for them to develop a distant cross-cultural relationship if there are some people of the opposite sex coming from exotic land around them. Monkeys in stable relationships will be able to overcome the negative effects of “Conflict with Tai Sui” if they can tie the knot with their sweethearts this year. Otherwise, if they don’t get married, there’s a chance they’ll split up. Married men born under the sign of the Monkey will have the worst luck in love and relationships. It has the meaning of “separation or falling apart” with the arrival of the star of “Tian Jie (Heaven Breaks)”. The Monkeys will face many conflicts in their marriage and life under its influence, and may even experience marital crises. 


Despite the fact that the Monkeys will be affected by the “Conflict with Tai Sui” in 2022, they will still have good career luck thanks to the blessings of many auspicious stars. The arrival of the auspicious star “Lu Xun (Achievement Star)” predicts that workers and clerks will be promoted, and their salaries will be increased. The auspicious star of “Yi Ma (Stagecoach) Star” has the ability to bring positive emotions to people. The Monkeys should take advantage of the opportunity to travel for business, as it will help them advance in their careers and earn a higher salary. The Year of the Tiger will also be a good year for those who want to change jobs. They should take action to seek changes that will lessen the negative effects of the “Conflict with Tai Sui.” 


In the year 2022, the financial fortunes of the Monkeys will fluctuate. They will, however, have a certain amount of income thanks to the luck of the stars. Their path to wealth, however, will not be easy in the year of “Conflict with Tai Sui” due to the ominous stars’ influence. The arrival of the lucky star “Yi Ma (Stagecoach)” symbolizes the Monkeys’ ability to make money from exotic locations in terms of wealth from their full-time jobs. If they have the opportunity to travel for business this year, they are expected to take the initiative to pursue it. Those Monkeys who are in business should try to collaborate with foreigners in order to make a fortune from exotic land; if they want to expand their business fields and scopes, they should look to the international markets. The ominous star of “Da Ha (Big Loss)” will bring bad luck in the form of a significant financial loss. As a result, the Monkeys must exercise caution. 



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