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In 2021, the five yellow star flies to the Southeast of houses and buildings.  The southeast is a wood element sector helping to mitigate the dangerous effect of the five yellow's earth element, transforming the misfortune into opportunities. This Year the pagoda includes the wood element. This star affects those living in homes facing SE, those occupying bedrooms or work rooms in this sector and those born in the year of the Dragon and Snake, as well the eldest daughter of the family.  It is advisable to not make renovations in this sector and avoid too much activity. The bad luck of this star can range from illness to major injuries sustained in serious accidents. It can also cause disharmony, disrupt business plans, cause rifts in relationships and be the source of disputes and losses. Sometimes it brings total collapse of a business. Must-have for Snake and Dragon sign.

You should be carrying the Five Element Pagoda Keychain and display the Five Element Pagoda in the SE of your house or building.