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This Feng Shui Lock Coin features the Double Happiness symbol on the front, and the Dragon and Phoenix with Love Amulet on the back. It is designed to strengthen a marriage, to solidify and stabilize romantic relationships, to protect conjugal harmony and to keep husband and wife together forever. Display the Marriage Lock with Double Happiness in your bedroom, in the Love corner Southwest or in the sector where the #4 Romance Star resides. For those who are already married, this love charm will keep your love alive and revitalized. It also promotes loyalty, eliminating all outside forces and people which threaten the relationship.

Double Happiness Symbol - this auspicious symbol of marriage luck and potent love charm is created in the form of two Chinese characters for "happiness" placed together. These two letterings are connected by two parallel lines – this is a representation of an strong, everlasting and blissful bond between couples, as well as the presence of double blessings from the heavens.

Metal Lock measures 3" H x 3" W

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