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Mandala Offering

Mandala Offering

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 Place this beautiful mandala offering on your altar table or in the wealth corner-Southeast. 

The mandala symbolizes the Universe in all its abundance. The mandala offering is a secret method to invoke blessings, symbolizing the creation of a perfect universe with a sacred mountain, sun and moon, four continents, 8 precious objects and 8 offering goddesses. 

The mandala is designed with many auspicious components: the wish-fulfilling objects, 8 precious objects, 8 offering goddesses, the sun and the moon. The mandala offering brings many benefits:

Good health and a longevity

Wealth and prosperity luck

Success in all your endeavors

A healthy and attractive body

Many opportunities to succeed

Help whenever you need it

The Blessing Mandala includes instructions and all the materials portrayed here.

Mandala is made of metal, first square level measure 4.75" x 4.75" . Height after built about 8"