Magic Dragon Lucky Amulet for Business

Magic Dragon Lucky Amulet for Business

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The Dragon is one of the most widely loved symbols associated with power, courage, excellence, vitality, nobility and leadership in Feng Shui. For the Chinese people and for all followers of Feng Shui, the Dragon is also regarded as the strongest symbol of good fortune and prosperity because the Dragon is believed to emit a special form of chi, known as “Sheng Chi” or “Celestial Breath”. Feng Shui is essentially all about capturing and creating Sheng Chi. It is this "essence of life" energy that attracts wealth luck, good luck, abundance, success and very kind of good fortune. It is for this reason that the dragon is such an auspicious and popular lucky symbol used to enhance business success and prosperity. Carry the Magic Dragon Keychain to manifest an abundance of success luck, growth and vitality.

Metal charm measure 4" L