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Lung Ta Amulet for people with weak Spirit Essence..

Lung Ta Amulet for people with weak Spirit Essence..

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The Lung-Ta Wind Horse amulet is created for those whose spirit essence is low when the elements do not combine well with the elements of the year and need an injection of strong divine remedy. A person with weak spirit essence is more vulnerable to the year's afflictions and the negative astrological influence. This amulet helps to increase and strength your aura power to you successfully subdue the negative influence. A must-have for Rat and Boar during 2021. If you are feeling lack of confidence in your own abilities and are prone to being easily discouraged, carry this amulet as much as possible, clip it into your bag or briefcase. This medallion features the Wind horse carrying a precious jewel on its back and seen traveling through the winds of cyclic change. 

Metal medallion measure: 1.75" in diameter.