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Lucky Bamboo

Feng Shui Bamboo – For Growing Energy, Luck and Happiness in Home & Office

Bamboo is a very essential part of Feng Shui. For most people bamboo symbolizes growth. Yet, for a keener eye, bamboo symbolizes wisdom and peace. Its strength comes from its flexibility and hollow structure and that is what it teaches us, to be flexible and free. This is the reason, lucky bamboo are used in Feng Shui to influence positive growth, energy, vitality, spiritual freedom and wisdom.

Placement of Lucky Bamboo

The best place to keep your Feng Shui lucky bamboo is the East side of the room as you face the door. It can be placed in the office, bedroom or recreational area. Soon, you will start to feel the positive energy and balance in that particular area. It will positively affect your physical energy, your mental powers as well as your spiritual strength. 

Similarly, if you place your lucky bamboo in the Northern sector of the room, you will experience a significant improvement in your career. Displaying it in the South Eastern sector is an invitation to wealth and fortune. 

Did you know that Depending on the Number of stalks you will attract something different? 

  • 2 stalks for love and marriage
  • 3 stalks for happiness
  • 5 stalks for health
  • 6 stalks bring prosperity and favorable conditions
  • 7 stalks bring good health
  • 8 stalks bring growth and prosperity
  • 9 stalks lucky number for good fortune and happiness
  • 10 stalks symbolize completeness and perfection
  • 21 stalks offer a powerful all-embracing blessing
  • Bamboo towers have a special meaning; they represent climbing such as seeking a promotion at work.

Get your lucky Bamboo below and start feeling the difference in your spaces!

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