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Kwan Kung to attract influential people.

Kwan Kung to attract influential people.

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Porcelain Series Kwan Kung.

Invite a Kwan Kung into the northwest sector to enhance to support your big dreams in corporate and businesses. Kwan Kung known as the God of Wealth is an ancient hero worshiped by many business and legal authority.

Other placements

In your office,  place this image behind where you sit at work so that you will never lack powerful support from important people.

For Business:  Kwan Kung is placed at the front reception desk facing outside, he is believed to guard your establishment from embezzlement and he is believed to help eliminate malignant chi and protect from competitors, providing your establishment with the chance to flourish and obtain monetary gain.

Display the Kwan Kung where the Lucky star 1 flies each year. Combine the Kuan Kung with Victory Banner in this area to activate success at Work, in business and competitive situations


Porcelain figure measure 10." H
Also available in 14"