Juniper Berries for purification and protection

Juniper Berries for purification and protection

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Juniper has been our closest magical plant ally since Neolithic times. Its fragrant wood, needles and berries were used as incense and medicine. Juniper is a purification plant par excellence. It can be used to cleanse ritual spaces or magical tools. It is strongly protective and dispels negative energies and entities. Juniper will kill off germs and purify the air in a sick room. 

Smudging is the strongest cleansing procedures to perform, because the enormous herbal smoke travels everywhere removing old energies, even if it has been deeply embedded in the walls for many years.


Main Entrances as with all rooms and environments, an essential first step, as well as a regular maintenance procedure, is to clear the space of all negative and stagnant "chi" or energy. The beautiful fragrant of Juniper Berries has been burned from ancient times to the present. The evergreen tips have properties ranging from healing to mental clarification. It has the ability to instantly shift the energy in any environment.


Ideal to burn in entrances, hallways and porches to get good quality of energy. Fresh and healthy atmosphere are essential for good health and prevent tiredness.


Our special Juniper is organic and free of all additives. To cleanse the energies in your home or office: first open all the windows to let the air help with the cleansing. Light the Juniper Berries and let it smoke. Now walk clockwise around the room starting from the door. Waft the smoke into every corner, closets, and drawers and under bed. Keep repeating your intention to “cleanse the house” while you do this. When you get back to the front door, wave the smoke in a figure of eight pattern. Repeat in other rooms.




  • *When you first move into a new house.
  • *After an unpleasant visitor.
  • *When a relationships ends.
  • *after or during an illness.
  • *If there has been an early death or murder in the house.
  • * If you are feeling uneasiness or negative energy
  • *When a relationship ends.
  • *after a divorce or trauma.


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