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Invite the Four Great Kings in 2019

Invite the Four Great Kings in 2019

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The Four Heavenly Kings is a spiritually-enhanced symbol to energize the Northwest of any home and bring extra luck to the Patriarch. This sector is blessed during 2019 by the visit of the "Future Prosperity Star #9 benefiting people living in a house facing northwest or working/occupying rooms in this sector. The Star of Small Auspicious is also visiting this location. Displaying the Four Great Kings is one of the best ways to add to the auspicious energies of the year. They are celestial beings that protect the four cardinal directions of your house.

 Each of the kings is a representation of the four celestial attributes: Rain, Harmony, Wind and Prosperity and has their own symbolism:

Mo Li Shou – "Rain" - resides in the North, This highly respected Heavenly King, also known as “Kuvera” or “God of Wealth”, and is recognized as a defender of peace and as a bringer of wealth. He himself is laden with riches, due to the strict vigor with which he lives. When depicted in figurines or paintings, he is seen with the mythical umbrella which, during confrontations with evils, will cause natural disasters.

Mo Li Ching – “Harmony” - This king resides in the East, and is also known as “Guardian of the Nation”. He overcomes the obstacles of evils and demons with his string musical instrument, which he can always be seen carrying.

Mo Li Hung – “Wind” - This king resides in the South and is the protector against demons. He rules the Kumbhandas, demons who constantly suck out mankind’s liveliness. In statues or painting, this king is sometimes shown with a powerful sword in his hand.

Mo Li Hai – “Prosperity”- resides in the West, This ruler of the Nagas, known in English as “Serpents” and takes on a very fierce and foreboding stance. With his prominent staring eyes, he is known as the “Three-Eyed” or “Wide Eyed”. This king is a manifestation of the belief to be cautious and aware of evil – he also keeps a powerful serpent.