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The number 2 Illness Star is a malignant star, which does not bode well for anyone or any house. In the current period of 8, it continues to be feared as the “monarch of illness”, and its presence can bring severe health problems, disease and distress associated with ill health. In the year of the Ox 2021, this afflicts all those residing in the Northern part of the home or if your apartment is located in the North sector of any apartment block.  

During the year 2021, the #2 Black Star flies into the North sector, so even if your bed is located against the North wall, you might fall victim to this affliction. 

Middle-son of the family, Rat, Ox and Boar-born should be careful of exposing themselves to any kind of infectious diseases, as the risk of catching infections will be higher for them. Anyone staying or working in rooms located in the North must either move or counter the negative energy.

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