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HORSE 2021


Lucky Number: 2, 7
Lucky Color: Red, Purple, Blue, Green
Ox and Horse is one of the six harming groups (Liu Hai 六害), which means you Horse people will harm the Tai Sui in the year 2021. This can be destructive to your zodiac horoscope, so you will have poor luck this year. In the meantime, the heavenly stem Xin (辛) of 2021 belongs to metal and it is good for your luck in windfall. Because of this, you can still expect good luck in the year of harming the Tai Sui. During the year, failure to change your mindset and way of social conduction will be likely to cause great trouble and harm your future development. 

According to your Chinese astrology and fortune forecast for 2021, it’s a very auspicious year for the Horse, with the Golden Deity Star and two Big Auspicious Stars in your chart. Also, the Victory Star arrives to help you accomplish what you set your mind to do. Be bold – be creative – go after your dreams! Nothing is impossible if you have the desire and determination to make things happen, whether it’s in business, love or your overall happiness. If you feel passionately about something, the causes and conditions come together to help you achieve all of your goals. 



Element luck is not strong for the Horse in 2021, and still it’s a step up from last year’s energy. Neutral energy is in all three main categories, but you can work to make the most of this, nonetheless. Your life force and spirit essence are definitely better than before, giving you the self-confidence and belief you need to forge ahead. You’ll need to work to maintain your enthusiasm and stay determined to succeed. And speaking of success, wind horse luck is also neutral. However, help arrives from the 24 Mountains to counterbalance this, since you have the two Big Auspicious Stars plus the Golden Deity, so don’t despair. To help increase element luck, carry the Life Force Amulet for Success Luck in your home/office this year.  



As the #1 Victory Star flies into the South, it’s especially lucky since that’s the sector of the Horse. This star allows you to triumph in any situation and to attain success over any competition you may face. You can succeed in anything if you put your mind to it; you can go past the competition towards victory. Keep your South sector energized by using feng shui activators, display the Victory Banner in your desk. In addition, you have two Big Auspicious Stars from your 24 Mountains chart, plus the Golden Deity Star. The South is the sector that governs recognition and fame luck, and the #1 Star improves the standing in this aspect of your life.  The best way to magnify victory luck is with the Feng Shui enhancer Victory Banner  It is especially helpful for anyone in a position of leadership or management. The Ru Yi can also be used to intensify strength for those in leadership positions or management. Display them in the South corner. You should be carrying the Victory Banner Amulet Keychain.



There is nothing but good news for the Horse in terms of the 24 Mountains chart. The Big Auspicious on either side provides the opportunity to confidently take a few risks in the search for BIG successes and happiness. Don’t be content with the ordinary, or what you’ve already accomplished. Think big – go after something that you truly want. Your time has arrived! Displaying the Wealth Bull For Activating Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious in your South sector fully awakens and provide the strength needed to tap into this auspicious blessing. Carry also the Wealth Bull For Attracting Immense Wealth & Big Auspicious Keychain. 
In the center is the Star of Golden Deity. Heavenly blessings come your way and a possible mentor arrives to give extra support and a helping hand. Trust your instincts and don’t doubt yourself. Invite the Qui Ren into your home is a way to further reach out for the power that’s available for you. Wear a Rose Quartz Kuan Yin Bracelet . continue reading 2021 Horoscope for HORSE here



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