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The Heavenly star 6 brings excellent support straight from heaven providing assistance in the attainment of goals, good fortune and protection. Be prepared for plenty of good fortune if you spend a lot of time in this part of your house. People who gamble be it in lottery, horse racing, football betting or casino games will benefit from this auspicious star that brings windfall luck. The Heavenly star’s element is metal. The most dominant star in 2021 is the white #6 Heaven Star. It brings about the luck of the heavens and offers an unseen hand to guide towards opportunities. All signs are blessed with this star, particularly if the center of the home where the star resides is active and energized all year. 

Place the Qi Ren the center of your home or office this year to draw new and prosperous opportunities along with mentors, patrons and others who are willing to offer support on your life path. Doors can be opened by people or organizations in a position to do so. This is a year where managers, bosses, leaders and directors in all fields are favored. If you’ve recently been promoted or been given a higher position, perhaps in government or the field of commerce, you will feel the auspicious effects of the energy. A vitality and gift for correct decision-making is brought into your life.

Because the #6 Heaven Star is in the Center on the Flying Star Chart, people holding a position of power or leadership are given heavenly blessings. A sense of great authority and the ability to change gives you the chance to influence how success will occur in your projects and plans. Everyone benefits from carrying a Celestial Water Dragon Feng Shui Keychain or Heaven Seal Amulet with Chinese Character Heaven. 
Hang the Heaven Luck charm in your car


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