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Feng Shui Rose Quartz for love

Heart - Shaped Rose Quartz for Love Sector

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Rose Quartz is widely known as the Love Stone. It is the most desirable stone among all Quartz varieties because it is associated with the Number 4 Love Star and will help bring love, strong relationships and romance into your life. It restores the love for one’s own self as well as for others by mending emotional wounds and allowing for greater self-appreciation and openness. This Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz is perfect for those looking for love as it will quicken the process of finding the perfect match. It also aids broken relationships and will spice up your existing love life. Both single and married women should always carry a Rose Quartz Heart in their handbag or purse to encourage Love luck.  

Each order comes with a pair of Heart-Shaped Rose Quartz stones. Each Heart measures about 1.5”.