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Healing Stones for Pet's Bed. Rose Quartz for Fear and Stress

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Rose Quartz is considered the perfect stone for love and relationships. It has a gentle vibration of love which is absorbed by your pet and stimulates a sense of peace and happiness. Rose Quartz corresponds to the heart chakra and will assist to help build a loving and lasting relationship with your pet. Rose Quartz will show your pet your feelings of love and caring. It will also strengthen both the heart muscles and circulatory systems and soothe burns and sore spots on the body while healing them more quickly. It will also help heal the kidneys, adrenals, and thymus glands. It opens the heart to love and peace which is the natural and most powerful state of being. Rose Quartz aids issues such as:
-Anger and aggression
-Animals that "bristle"
-Muscular tension and rigidity
-Past abuse or cruelty
-Seeing all humans as bad
-Stress-related asthma

3 stones for pet's bed.

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