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Mountains provide stunning support and backing, anchoring you firmly. In Feng Shui the mountain is classified as one of the Celestial Creatures, the Black Tortoise which should be located at your back.

A solid mountain behind you gives you support and protection and helps to get your work and efforts recognized. This mountain holds a massive cache of gold signifying immense success accompanied by rich rewards.  Best placed in the North, West, or North-west. If your Mountain 8 star is located in the West, Northwest or North, place this very beautiful image of Golden Mountains to activate heavenly luck and good health through strong business relationships. This is also the best mountain image for elevating your business or your personal career to the top! Place it directly behind you . Each print is personalized with genuine gold leaf to activate prosperity and success. Photographies were taken under different light colors to appreciate the gold traces.  

Fully framed canva -brushed gold color. 40" x 12" H x 1.5".