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Feng Shui 7 Level Pagoda

Golden-7 Level Pagoda for Career and Wealth luck

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The 7-Level Pagoda symbolizes the seven treasures of Buddhism. Believed to invite benevolence, the 7-Level Pagoda is also said to bring the blessings of Career and Wealth luck from the seven northern stars. It is a symbol often held by Buddhist Deities because of its power. 

Our beautiful 7-Level Golden Wen Chang Pagoda in intricately crafted from high quality metal and plated in gold color. It will help to focus your mental powers of concentration and memory, allowing for greater scholastic luck. It is also said to increase Career luck and can help you achieve a big promotion. The Pagoda will also ward off negative forces and protect you from evil. 

Carry the 7-Level Pagoda Key chain with you for best results. Pagoda measures 1.75" in length and is made of metal.