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Genuine Feng Shui Bracelet

Genuine Feng Shui Bracelet

How to select correctly a good quality bracelet

feng-shui-obsidian-bracelet-for-wealth-and-protection.png 4 Most Important Values



of course, Quality is critical. 

If your goal is attracting fortune and wealth luck, you must align with this energy. To do this, you must use either an element or symbol that vibrate in the same frequency and resonate with that purpose. Otherwise, you are doing nothing. 

Some crystals and metals are doing this job: jade, pyrite, citrine, gold, amethyst, silver, some agates.... 

So why the obsidian crystal in this bracelet? 

Obsidian has powerful metaphysical properties that help to shield you against negativity. It will help you stay in a good mood and positive vibration, a must to be open to receiving good things in your life.


Another critical fact. Do you know the item precedence, who produce it, and how many hands did touch your pixiu?  

90% of pixiu bracelets are sourced from aliexpress and offered in the market by many individuals in the USA and overseas. It is simple to research; the same designs all over creating confusion in consumers that do not understand why the price variations on the same item. They range from $1-5 in aliexpress. Do you think it is a good quality item?  of course not.


The head of the Pixiu should be facing outwards when wearing. It symbolizes going out to gather wealth and bring it back for you.

If you buy a "one size fits all" and have a small or medium wrist size, the bracelet will move around your wrist, and the pixiu will not face correctly. If you have a large wrist, then the elastic will show up. 

The rule one size fits all, do not work here 


Check the vendor location. Is it easy to reach if you have a claim? It offers you resize or part replacements?

With globalization, many websites overseas use false addresses to simulate they are located in the USA, and then you get trapped if you need help or a replacement.  

Buy in stores where you can get after purchase support and professional feng shui advise.


As a specialized Feng Shui Store with 20 years in the market, we are compromised with the quality and service, producing high-quality products for our customers. We offer custom sizes for The Pixiu Bracelets to ensure a perfect fit, and we only use 18K gold plated for the Pixiu, Money Ball, and beads. Some designs also combine gold hematite. Crystals are authentic on all the variations offered.  We offer free custom size and resize if you have selected the wrong measure.