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In 2021, the #9 Future Prosperity or Magnifying Star is located in the Northeast sector. The #9 Star attracts good prosperity luck and helps lay groundwork for future wealth.It is also regarded as the completion and the magnifying star. As the latter, it brings a magnification of both good and bad. As the completion number, it helps residents in the sector it occupies to bring important projects to a successful finish. The number 9 is thus regarded as very auspicious. Those who are creative in thinking and actions, and brave enough to put their ideas to work, can expect good results. Investments are favored for those who can see the long-term goals. Fame and recognition are also a part of the #9 Star and it’s a time for talent and hard work to be acknowledged and rewarded. Opportunities in career matters, and even a promotion, can be in the future for someone when their office or bedroom is located in the northeast. Expect improved growth. Children would be advised to study in this sector for educational benefits. 

In the year 2021, the number 9 brings excellent good luck to the Northeast thereby benefiting everyone residing within this sector, Ox, Tigers and youngest son. This also brings benefits to NE sitting houses, which means that your house would then be facing SW.   

BUILD YOUR WEALTH: you should also activate the NE by displaying wealth boxes or vases to symbolize the accumulation of assets wealth to carve out a secure and worry free future. By activating this sector of future prosperity, it  help you to make enough money so you don't have to spend everything you earn.

The Northeast is also where the Tai Sui resides this year, so displaying a Pair of Feng Shui Pi Yao or the Tai Sui plaque in the sector helps court his favor in warding off negativity.