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Flying Stars 2020

Flying Star 2020 Forecast, Chart and Cures

How to apply Flying Star in 2020

Flying Star is an excellent and easy-to-apply Feng Shui formula that you can use to increase your luck and make the best out of any year. This accurate method is used to determine the energy map of your residence or office and discover the location of the auspicious energies and menacing chi for the year. The Flying Star is one of the most powerful ways to quickly and effectively improve your luck using Feng Shui.

The Flying Stars Formula is easy to understand. To apply this formula you have to divide your floor plan into nine sectors using the compass directions and identifying what Flying Star lands in which sector, both annually and monthly. There are four unlucky stars in the chart: Star #2, #3, #5 and #7 and also two prominent annual afflictions: Tai Sui ( God ruling the year) and The Three Killings ( three kinds of bad luck). Placing remedies to overcome the unlucky energy is part of updating feng shui each new year.  There are five Lucky Stars in the chart that will bring good luck: star #1,#4, #6, #8 and #9, these auspicious stars will bring excellent luck for different life aspirations. We offer a curated selection of feng shui cures and enhancer designed especially for this purpose to have them in place and ensure open roads, enhance achievement of goals, gain new opportunities and dissipate negative energy.

Simply following the information of energy changes in your property can help determine where to spend more or less time and which areas need Flying Star feng shui cures to maximize or minimize its energy. Health, wealth and career, as well as relationships, are all affected by the Flying Stars. Knowing their annual locations can make all the difference in whether your year is a great one or filled with bumps and disappointments – and the outcome is within your control.

Annual and Monthly Flying Star

Note that the Stars change location annually so it's important to update your Feng Shui placement yearly. In addition to the Annual Stars, there are Monthly Stars too that shift location monthly. If you want even more control of your destiny and luck, do sign up for our free newsletter so you are kept up to date with the monthly 2019's flying stars forecast.