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Flying Star November 2022


 (7th November 2022 – 6th December 2022)








This month unlucky sectors:



In our forecast we take a look at the combination of the annual flying stars with the monthly flying stars. You will see the annual flying star in the middle of each gua, and the month’s flying stars on the bottom right corner of each sector.

This lunar month we have the menacing 5-2 combination right in the center, bringing risk of illness, accidents, and overall misfortune. We recommend carrying your protective amulets or symbolic enhancers, as well as taking extra precautions in your dealings this month. Salt Water Cure, metal Wu Lou and Five Element Pagoda should be placed in the center.
For more accurate recommendations and remedies to place in your home, according to your home’s natal energy, check out our custom House Reading.

This month brings more luck to the females of the household in terms of wealth and harmony as we can see by the auspicious #8 visiting the SW sector. The males are advised to incorporate grounding, pacifying practices and remedies to keep fiery tempers in check, as we can see with the quarrelsome #3 visiting the NW sector.

Favorable sectors for this month: SOUTHEAST, SOUTH, SOUTHWEST, and WEST.

Unfavorable sectors for this month: CENTER, EAST, NORTHEAST, NORTH, NORTHWEST

The 5-2 combination brings energy of illness and misfortune. Health-wise could affect the stomach, intestines, heart, reproductive system. At work it could bring issues, financial loss or disputes. It is not recommended to light any candles here, nor have any strong fire element colors (reds) or shapes (triangles, pointed shapes) as it will aggravate this energy. Remedies such as the Five Element Pagoda or Metal Wu Lou can be placed in this sector to combat the problematic energies.

REMEDY: Classical remedy for the 5-2 combination is HEAVY METAL + MOVING METAL + SALT WATER CURE

Conflicting elements; metal destroying wood. This energy could bring discord or conflict between the women of the household. Not favorable for pregnant women. There could be difficulties arising in work, it is advisable to double-check your work and not rush as there will be a tendency for mistakes and errors. Be wary of betrayals or back-stabbing.

We have a clashing combination here that could bring about accidents or injuries relating to metal or wood, as well as headaches or migraines. This sector will be unfavorable for men this month, particularly older sons. Arguments and disagreements between members of the household. It is advised for the occupants of this sector to take it easy this month, do not be rash or rushed, and incorporate some grounding practices such as meditation to quell the quarrelsome energy.
Remedies such as the Red dragon w/flaming sword or Harmony Lock will help for peace and harmony, as well as Longevity Amulet for good health.

The #7 robbery and betrayal star visits the North sector this month, bringing with it possible competition at work and romance, affairs, break-ins, accidents, food poisoning and money loss as result of these. Remedies and enhancers such as the Armored Elephant & Rhinoceros amulet or statues to protect against robbery and break-ins. The Victory Banner to overcome obstacles and competitors. Or the Kwan Kung Protector or Kwan Kung with Dragon Plaque to promote wealth luck and have victory on your side.

The #5 misfortune star visiting the #8 in the Northeast could bring issues and bad luck in regards to money. This sector is unfavorable for young children this month. This combination could bring about accidents or problems with the hands, fingers, arms, limbs, stomach or skin. It is advisable to avoid any extreme or strenuous exercise or sports as accidents will be more likely with this energy. Remedies: Heart Sutra Pagoda to protect money, Life Force Amulet for health.

With the #9 visiting the annual #3 we are seeing amplified quarrelsome energy and flaring tempers. This can bring about possible lawsuits or legal conflicts. Patience, meditation and cooling breath-work is recommended. Remedy with the Red Dragon w/ flaming sword can be displayed in this sector for harmony.

Beneficial career energy with possibility of promotions. The 4-1 combination offers supportive energy for those pursuing academic studies, literature and research. Also beneficial for singles, as this is Peach Blossom energy which you can activate for romance luck using symbolic enhancers such as rose quartz, a pair of mandarin ducks, the Wisdom Pagoda charm

We’ve got the heavenly #6 visiting the South sector this month, bringing with it supportive people and possible sudden opportunities landing on your lap. There is conflicting energy which could bring arguments or fiery tempers between the younger and older generation. Be careful of burning yourself out.  Incorporate some grounding practices and good self-care this month.

We have double earth here, complementing each other. Beneficial energy for those involved in real estate or land. Also very good for women in particular. Those residing in the SW sector will experience wealth luck and supportive energy for investment endeavors. As this combination results in an auspicious sum of ten, it is a great time for completion and closing of projects and cycles. Sum of 10 charm

REMEDY for annual #2 -add HEAVY METAL + Metal Wu Lou