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#9 Future Prosperity - Center

The #9 Future Prosperity Star in flying to the Center of your house during 2018.

Most Lucky: Everyone!
Lucky Areas: The center and expanding to other areas as well.

The great #9 Future Prosperity star is located in the CENTER during 2018, which is great news! because it means that everyone can benefit from it when activated properly.
The year of the Earth Dog promises future wealth and growth to all thoses creative and brave. Make your efforts count!

The Fire element in the center of any home, office or buildings must be strengthened, as it gets exhausted by the Earth energy this year. We suggest you ñeep this part of your home well lit; this goes especially for living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and main entrances.
If you wish to tap into this beneficial star, the multiples of 9 and 3 are very lucky in this sector.