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#6 Heavenly Star - Southwest

The #6 Heavenly Blessings Star is flying to the Southwest during 2018

Most Lucky: All zodiac signs can get benefits. However the matriarch, Sheep and Monkey signs are most benefited since they are seating at this location on the annual chart.
Best Rooms: All rooms facing southwest.

This fantastic star brings luck and blessings from the heavens to empower leadership and open doors to help from mentors and influential people. The # 6 star will make more accessible to you receive the assistance you need in all aspects of life.
Main entrances facing the SW as well as homes sitting and facing this direction will receive unanticipated great vibes and good fortune. Tap into this heavenly luck by carrying appropriate activators and displaying enhancers in this area.
People sleeping in the southwest area will be primarily benefited with blessings of many kinds. Those involved in gambling, lottery, and casino games, will receive the indirect wealth and celestial luck that this star brings with it, carry the gambling talisman to increase your windfall luck!