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#4 Romance & Scholastic Star - South

The #4 Romantic & Scholastic Lucky Star is flying to the South location during 2018.

Most lucky: All zodiac signs should take advantage of the benefits that this lucky star has to offer. Horse sign and the middle daughter of the family are the most benefited because they are seated in this location of the annual chart.
Lucky Rooms: All rooms facing SOUTH. Most benefited are study rooms, children’s rooms, bedrooms, anywhere creative work takes place.

The #4 Star of Romance and Scholastic luck comes back to take its place in the South, where last year was inundated by the Misfortune star #5.
For all those who are single and looking for a partner or getting married, this is the star you want to activate! The Peach Blossom star assists those looking for the fortune of finding their perfect matches if activated. However, for those already married, this star is often related to infidelity and third-party interventions. Married couples do not fancy this star flying into their bedrooms! If you are married and your bedroom is located in the South, you can consider carrying /wearing protection amulets and displaying feng shui cures to safeguard your marriage. If you are single and looking for a mate, activate this star with enhancers!
All singles that spend time in the South will experience excellent relationship luck in 2018. Activate this lucky star and start getting results.

For those in the artistic and creative areas such as writers, painters, artists, designers, and teachers, you will experience positivity and significant outcomes in your work. Take advantage of this Star and activate it, mainly if your workroom is located in the South. Students that study for exams in this sector will have better results and get into top schools and colleges. Carry amulets and cures to elevate the results!