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#3 Hostile Star - Northeast

The #3 Quarrelsome Star in flying to the Northeast during 2018

Most affected: All zodiac signs are affected by this affliction; however the Ox, Tiger signs, and the youngest son in a family are the most affected as they are seated in this location of the annual chart.
Afflicted rooms: All in the northeast. Most importantly, northeast facing homes and bedrooms. Offices and people dealing with legal issues will be considerably afflicted.

The #3 Quarrelsome star brings hostile energy associated with arguments, misunderstandings and legal issues to anyone spending time in the northeast rooms or houses facing in this direction. When the star is triggered and left without protection, it may cause violence that can lead to tragedies.

The Fire element ( red color) is the strongest against this star, display cures listed below lean on their fire element power to subdue the #3. Also, use bright lights in these rooms, as well as the color red in accents are great additional ways to subdue the terrible effects of the star.

Placing cures in rooms and office desks that will protect you from legal issues and lawsuits such as the Flaming Magic Wheel or the Dragon with the flaming sword, are a must for this year.

If your main entrance is facing the northeast, replace any water features or blue and black colors you may have, with fire element cures, increase the lighting and the color red (by placing a red welcome mat for example). The Fireball and Magic flaming wheel continue being excellent cures options for 2018.

All cures below are excellent suggestions to suppress the quarrelsome star.