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Feng Shui Flying Star 2021

Feng Shui Predictions for the year 2021
Lucky and Unlucky Sectors 
Annual Flying Star's Forecast & Feng Shui Cures for 2021 


During the Feng Shui Year 2021, great personal upheavals are in the making, in the perspective of a profound change of individual aspirations. The year Kua 6 brings the necessary energy to a liberating struggle to create the foundations necessary for the realization of our existential ambitions. In 2021 we can expect a period of calmness, harmony, and peace around the world. The year of the Metal Ox, 2021 will be a time for emotional and spiritual as well as economic reconstruction.

The 2021’s Feng Shui chart below affects the distribution of luck in all buildings and houses. This chart will let you know which rooms of your home or office will enjoy good luck (green stars) during the year and which rooms will have inauspicious chi (red stars) during the year. Knowing this lets you protect yourself against bad luck and misfortune during the year by installing Feng shui cures for afflicted sectors of the home. The chart alerts you to rooms that could suffer from bad luck thereby affecting your fortunes. The most important rooms to safeguard are your bedroom, living room and the main entrance of your home. 

You should also activate the energy of these good luck areas in your house. Doing so will enhance the luck of residents staying in that room. This is the wonderful promise of time dimension feng shui, which enables you to improve the luck of your home during the year. 

In 2021, the ruling number is 6 and the Lo Shu chart for the year thus has 6 in the center. The 6 in the center is itself a good sign, as 6 is an auspicious number that signifies luck from heaven. 6 is also one of the trinity of white numbers that can bring some quite exceptional luck. 

To determine the 8 directions within a home or office it is imperative that you use a reliable compass to make sure of the accuracy of sectors to be affected, and to determine where to place feng shui cures or enhancing items.  





 feng-shui-flying-star-2021-chart.png                  flying-star-floor-plan.png


West- Prosperity Star #8

South- Victory Star #1

East- Scholastic and Romance Star #4

Center- Heavenly Star #6

Northeast- Future Prosperity Star #9



Southeast – Misfortune and bad Luck Star #5

North - Illness Star #2

Southwest - Quarrelsome Star #3

Northwest - Robbery and Betrayal Star #7




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