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#2 - Illness Star- West

The #2 illness star is located in the west during 2018

Most affected: All zodiac signs will need set protection in the west. However, Rooster born and the youngest daughter in a family will be the most affected because they are seated in this location of the chart.
Rooms most affected: All facing WEST. Most importantly bedrooms, living rooms and main entrances facing in this direction.

In 2018, the #2 Illness stars bring some unforeseen sickness and dangers. Bedrooms, living rooms, and main entrances located or facing west, or, if you sleep or spend a lot of time in rooms in the west, you will need to be protected by carrying feng shui cures as well as displaying them. If you are sleeping in a west facing bedroom, considering sleeping in another room is a clever idea as well as staying protected with potent symbols. This star needs to be subdued as soon as possible!

If your front door is facing west, it is suggested you dim the lights of your main entrance, and if possible, paint the door in a white color.

If there are any health-related issues already in your family, it is smart to start thinking about subduing this star as soon as possible. Wear and carry with you protection symbols against illness. Display the Garuda and Wulou in the west.

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