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#1 Victory Star - Northwest

The Victory Star #1 is flying into the Northwest sector during 2018

Most Lucky: All zodiac signs get benefited from the victory star, however, the patriarch, Dog, and Boar signs are most benefited since they are seated in this location of the annual chart.

Lucky Rooms: Most benefited from the victory star will be those with bedrooms and main entrances facing northwest.

The White Victory Star #1 brings success over any type of competition and lets you tap into its victory luck if you activate it appropriately during the year. For those who their main entrances face the NW direction, as well as those who work, study or sleep here, will enjoy abundant success luck throughout the year.

If you are in a leadership position, brace yourself for the many benefits this star can bring you! Trigger your victory and success at the office, business and any competitive situations by carrying and displaying symbols that significantly activate this lucky star.

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