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 Feng Shui Vase with Bats of Abundance

Feng Shui Vase with Bats of Abundance

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In Chinese feng shui, the Vase has always been a firm favorite that is associated with “inexhaustible abundance”, hence its huge popularity in Chinese Placement Feng Shui since ancient times. The Vase is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism and Taoism, so that when you display a collection of beautiful vases in the home, they always attract great good fortune to flow in continuously.
This beautiful Vase features the traditional symbols of abundance – the five BATS which not only bring plenty of good fortune, they also ensure that such abundance gets stored and accumulates for the family. The colours of this vase represent wealth in different permutations – yellow for asset wealth and blue for cash flow wealth.
The Chinese also associate the five BATS with 5 blessings – WEALTH, HEALTH, LOVE, LONG LIFE and a NATURAL DEATH. These 5 bats symbolize abundance of wealth coming into your life. It ensures you can sustain your auspicious Metal Vase measure 6" H