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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the TIGER during 2018


The TIGER in 2018 feels superbly energized. There are excellent indications that the year will be one of powerful vigour and success-bringing vitality. Your life force reading is excellent, your inner chi potency is very good, and the Earth Seal Star in your compass sector in this year of Double Earth makes it a powerfully auspicious star! Collectively, your good stars enhance your spiritual aura, curb illness chi and enables you to benefit from the Star of Big Auspicious. The blight in your year indication is the presence of the Quarrelsome star of #3, which brings conflicts and unnecessary hostility. You need to suppress this as soon as you can to have a pleasant year, enjoying all the great things coming to you!


During 2018 Tigers will enjoy vitality and creativity, you will find yourself strong and confident. Your destiny this year has many positive signs, it's a year to embrace the opportunities coming at you!

However, watch out with your confidence, you don’t want to take it too far because it can seem aggressive to others and may harm your relationships in all areas of your life.

There is an affliction in your charts, this is the #3 Star, which brings disharmony, quarrels, arguments and legal issues. Take care of this negative energy early on in the year by carrying the fireball key chain or red eagle charm and displaying cures in the northeast of your home : fireball, red dragon with sword, or the flaming magic wheel,  so it doesn’t affect any laid-out plans you may have.

Your Lung Ta (Windhorse) energy seems to be very low, carry the Lung Ta charm to keep your success luck high and reap the benefits of all the good signs this year.


The presence of the #3 Quarrelsome Star will bring tension and stress, this will be your biggest concern health wise. Make sure you take some time for yourself, to unwind and relax, carry the Medicine Buddha medallion and display wulous in the northeast sector of your room to cope with the negative energy.

32 and 56 year old tigers will enjoy the best health luck

44 year olds will have a neutral health luck, you may be resistant to illness but will need to pay close attention to any issues, carry the wulou charm or key charm.

8, 20, 68, and 80 year old Tigers will need to be extra careful with health issues. You will need to eat healthier, sleep more and act on any potential health issues carrying amulets for health suggested in this catalog.


Tigers will find themselves in a very creative state, so wealth income will be incoming from your great ideas. Put your creativity to work and place Feng Shui enhancers in your office that attract creativity and a clear mind-set to work!
However the low Windhorse energy might create a deficiency in success, so make sure that you also carry the Lung Ta amulet to subdue this negative energy and bring upon success from your ideas.

The Tiger with the least chances of major wealth making is the 56 year old. You will need to work extra hard and call upon your Feng Shui enhancers to reach success and avoid money loss. Making long-term plans and projects will be the best decision for 2018. Activate the lucky star in the southeast by displaying the Hooking Money Mirror or carry the Treasure Box charm.


During 2018 Tigers should not be rushing into anything unless you are sure that the person you are fond of is the best match for you. The Abundance in your charts is a great sign that will be transported into your aura and it will make you seem as a person enthusiastic and confident about life, which can be very irresistible to admirers.
Single tigers might still want to fling around and not look for anything serious, unless you really take interest into someone. If you are, then you can work on the new relationship to get somewhere deep and meaningful.

Tigers who are serious about marriage and deep relationships will need to be careful when dating.
The person whom you will spend a lifetime with needs to be chose carefully, it is not about just finding someone to have fun with. Be cautious about taking big steps to quickly without thinking things through.