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Spring is all about refreshing! It is a great season to refresh old and stagnant energies.

Negative energy contributes to disturbances in family relationships. It can even lead to conflict among family members. Living in such situations will lead to more anxiety and stress. It can demean your value, destroy your confidence, derail your dreams, diminish your imagination and dampen your abilities. 

This ritual will cleanse, purify and refresh the energy into your space immediately, raising the vibration level. This will lead to a happier feeling and harmony at home!

How to do a Spring Cleansing Ritual: ( full instructions included) 

1. Get into your closets, storage, garage, and start clearing out anything that you feel clutters up your home's energy. Dispose of anything you feel you won’t need or don’t have any special feelings for you; throw out what you feel will not be useful to you next year. 

2. Choose any of the following cleansers below ( juniper berries, sage, copal, etc.) Light the bundle or resin selected and start to fan the smoke in corners, inside closets and hidden spaces.

Walk slowly around your home, swirling the smoke in circular motions, concentrating on the walls, corners, floor as well as the ceiling. Keep yourself on the left side of the rooms all along. Say positive affirmations during the process to promote positivity. If you feel a room is filled with stagnant energy, stay here for a couple of more minutes. 

3. After cleansing, refresh the home with Juniper Berries, Juniper is a purification plant per excellence. It is strongly protective and dispels negative energies and entities. This step will "seal" the cleansing process. 

4. End the ritual by placing small Salt Cures in corners to keep the energy cleansed for a longer time. Salt is a great housekeeper cleanser absorbing negative energy in closed and hidden spaces and under the bed.

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