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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the Snake during 2018


The SNAKE in 2018 enjoys powerful indications of superlative success – the feng shui star of 8 in its sector and the highest auspicious energies of the lung-ta bringing a powerfully vigorous WINDHORSE, so prosperity and success are on the cards for this sign. You also benefit strongly from the energies of the Star of Heavenly Seal. Activate this auspicious energy of the Heavens by carrying the Heaven Seal Amulet or the Heaven Seal to receive help and support on your desk. This year continues the outstanding luck of the previous year. The main thing lacking could be your own life force and spirit essence. You must generate strong self-motivation to augment your confidence. Do this by wearing the OM symbol.


The Snake will be taking charge of their luck and making their own rules for 2018, it looks like a very promising year for all Snakes. 
Blessings are coming down from the Seal of Heaven, which pushes you forward to accomplish anything you desire and to use your skills to the maximum. Snakes are going to be in total control of building their destinies, opportunities and future plants are theirs for the taking. Snakes will be pleased to know that their 2018 will end on the highest note, especially if you think and plan ahead cleverly and reflect on your best interests. Carry the Heavenly Star Charm to Activate Mentor Luck in 2018.


Luckily there are no stressful negative stars in your chart, and thanks to a good elemental luck, this means Snakes will be confident and under control. Since your prosperity luck looks promising, this means that snake will not be weakened emotionally, it is less likely that sickness will stop them from doing whatever they plan. It will not be a vulnerable year for Snakes health-wise this 2018. There are a certain age group of Snakes who will enjoy better health luck though:

17, 53, and 77 year olds will be free of any major illness during the year.

5 and 65 year olds will have less luck but will simply need to pay attention to their bodies and get medical check-ups throughout the year. Use cures just in case.

29, 41 and 89 year old Snakes will need to focus on boosting their immune system, taking good care of themselves, resting and staying protected from sickness. These snakes are the age group that will most likely suffer from negative health luck, get through this by taking care of this with Feng Shui amulets.

To subdue this negative health luck carry the Health and Anti-Illness charm with Medicine Buddha, you can also place a Himalayan Salt Lamp which improves health by emitting negative ions. Seek the help of the Blue Medicine Buddha too, place him in your health area or on your night table.


17, 29, 53 and 77 year old Snakes will enjoy intensified wealth luck this 2018, so look forward to it! No money loss is indicated in the chats and investments look great, take advantage of this! You can take a few risks throughout the year, for even greater incoming wealth.

65 year old Snakes will be the only ones who will need to be extra careful with their finances. Pay attention to what you spend and it is advised that no major investments are made. Risks should not be taken.

Most Snakes will need to activate the powerful and wealthy energy of the #8 Star of Prosperity to really take advantage of this energy. Place the Metal Bowl filled with 8 Ingots in the #8 Location, the SE or in your office.You can also display the 2018 Dzambhala and the 2018 Wealth Trees, hang a Wealth Door Hanger from your Office or wealth area,  such as the Wealth and Success Amulet. 


The Seal of Heaven is supporting you, so a long-term relationship is very likely for Snakes during 2018. In the past, snakes might have just been pleased with having a short relationship without many plans for the future, this mind-set might change for you this year. Embrace the love during 2018! You will be set out to find someone whom you share common interests and standards and you might just find them! Carry the Feng Shui Boudhanath Stupa for abundance & Happiness to maximize this luck.
Keep your mind and eyes opened because an engagement or marriage is in your destiny. Enhance your Love Luck with powerful enhancers to attract this even quicker!

Carry the Commanding Star Amulet maximizes luck from the heaven to bring upon the power of the Heavenly Star as well as enhancing your Love Sectors with Mandarin Ducks or Double Happiness Symbols of your choice.

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