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Complete Chinese Zodiac Forecast for Sheep during 2018

The SHEEP in 2018 benefits from very strong “lung ta”, the element energy that brings the WINDHORSE of success fortunes. This is helped by the presence of the Heavenly Star of 6 blowing very favourable winds of unexpected good fortune your way. This is a year of pleasant surprises when good news magnifies the feel-good vibes coming to you. Take advantage of your strong life force but also stay protected by wearing powerful seed syllables such as the OM or HUM pendants at all times.
Also, display the Heaven Seal or carry the Heaven Seal Talisman with you to powerfully activate the inmense luck the Heavenly Star will bring you.

This ensures your weak spirit essence never succumbs to secret poison arrows. Strengthen your inner spirit by wearing amulet scarves.


According to the Feng Shui forecast for 2018, the SHEEP can really look forward to a gratifying and quite fulfilling year. Blessings for the heavens fly into the SHEEP’S SW sector where the #6 star is located and this combines perfectly with the Yi Duo Star for magnified heaven luck. Because these two stars work so well together, you can expect major growth and expansion in all aspects of life for the sheep.

Relationship luck looks great too! For those single and those looking for a partner. This could be a truly enjoyable year for all SHEEP, take advantage of the Feng Shui winds blowing your way!

Sheep sign should tap into its secret friend rabbit luck during 2018 by displaying the rabbit figurine in the East.

On another note, it might be a year in which you will face some challenges because of the influence of the Grand Duke, so you should carry the 2018 Tai Sui Amulet at all times and display the Tai Sui plaque in the NorthWest.


Because of the #6 blessing the SHEEP’s chart, there aren’t big chances of getting ill for any of the SHEEP age groups. However you will still need some caution.

39 and 63 year old Sheep will enjoy great health and immunity to serious illness.

The 52 year old
will have average health luck. Make sure you take care of your body and stay in good shape, make sure you use Feng Shui protection amulets of your choice just in case.

15, 27, 75 and 87 year olds will be the most vulnerable to any type of illness. So remember to take care of your body, get enough sleep and be aware of any signs of sickness. Make sure you take care of your Health Areas for 2018, especially while you sleep, which is when the body regenerates itself.
Great choices for Health for Sheep are the Medicine Buddha and the Wulou Amulets to carry. As well as the powerful Garuda Key Chain and Bejeweled Garuda


Outstanding wealth luck for some SHEEP is anticipated! With fairly no risks of major loss. Make sure you keep your eyes opened for many wealth making opportunities and financial success.
The ones who will enjoy this luck will be the 27, 39, 63 and 87 year olds. If you ever hear of any promising money-making suggestions or moves, feel free to act on these to see incoming money flow. 

The 51 year old SHEEP
will have average finance success, so be mindful of your financial moves.

15 and 75 year old SHEEP must be extra careful with money. Take care of your spending habits, it is also advised that you take no risks with any arrangements that appear to be fruitful, but really aren't.

For both activation of generation of wealth, sheep must use Feng Shui activators such as Bejeweled Wealth Ship Overflowing with Ingots or the Lucky 8 Gold Ingots in your wealth areas or office. Carry the Wealth and Success Amulet and the Nanbu Wealth Lock to safeguard your assets.


The blessings of the #6 Star spread out to the love area of your life during this Year of the Earth Dog. There could be many opportunities for your to find your special someone.

If you feel this is not you year to have a serious relationship, don’t settle for just anyone. Remember that there is someone out there waiting for you. All single SHEEP must know that they have a possibility of finding their soul mate. Be patient and keep an open mind. Attract love with powerful symbolism.
Putting Feng Shui symbols in pairs is a great way to attract love, you can display the Mandarin Ducks and the Dove Couple. You can also hang the Double Happiness Door Hanger from your bedroom door or Feng Shui Love Sector.

Married SHEEP will be excited over new things to love about their partners and will have an open mind to go on new and thrilling adventures together!
Empower this great energy with Jade Peonies Flower for a Strong Marriage or hang the Dragon and Phoenix Bell for Marital Bliss.