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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the Rooster in 2018


The ROOSTER in 2018 is the strongest of the 12 signs. Your life force and spirit essence are at all-time highs. These are the strongest indications of the inner chi, which brings self-contained good fortune. There will be vigor and vitality to your prosperity manifestation. Your success potential as indicated by your personal WINDHORSE luck is also at peak levels. Your element combination is very powerful and this easily suppresses the illness star brought by feng shui winds. Wealth luck is excellent and for the 37 and 73 year old Roosters, this is a superb year indeed. Activate strongly for success and prosperity this year!


Roosters can expect a rather delightful year ahead. You can expect an abundance of energy, strength and confidence. 2018 will be a year to remember, you will be on top of your game, take advantage of the lining of the stars to your favor!

Many aspects of your life will enjoy success luck, however there is a strong affliction you need to take care of which is the #2 Illness Star that will make an appearance and threatens with health issues. Subdue this energy as soon as you can through the year in order to prevent negative health.

There are some conflictive energy with 2 other Yearly conflict stars, so carry the Red Apple for Peace and Harmony at all times. 


Because of teh #2 Illness Star appearing in your charts, all roosters must be extra cautious about their health during 2018. Be mindful about what you consume, how much you rest and try to avoid work and emotional stress as much as you can.

The 25, 61, and 85 year olds have the least risks of having a major illness during the year.

The 13 and 73 year olds will have neutral health conditions, they will need to pay extra attention to their bodies.

For these Age groups the good news is that the life force is strong, so this will help evade issues and maintain vitality. Carry your health amulets of choice to ensure health protection.

However for the 37 and 49 year olds, these must be extremely careful health wise. Anything small could quickly turn into something major in little time. It will be very necessary to suppress the #2 illness star as soon as you can. Carry the 2018 Garuda key chain as well as placing the Garuda figures in the WEST. The 2018 Wulou with Garuda Bird is a great choice to suppress health issues this year.


Since your windhorse luck is looking great, this will attract prosperity luck due to much success at work and business matters.

For 13, 37 and 73-years-old,  investing wisely will allow for more ambition and auspiciousness in wealth. Take advantage of this luck and activate with the Fu Dog Treasure Chest and the 2018 Dzambhala. Also, display and carry the Wind Horse to shower you with blessings of success and fortune. 

The 61 year old rooster  will have average/neutral wealth luck. You still have room to benefit from the year’s energies, so if you see good opportunities take them, but be mindful. Risks should still be kept to a minimum.

The 25 and 85 year olds should be very careful with investing and should not take any risks. Watch your spending, because it is likely that more money will go out than come in. Saving is wise for you during 2018. 

For Roosters who will not be having the best time in terms of wealth carry the Nanbu Wealth Lock to Safeguard your assets and display the Laughing Buddha for Wealth and Abundance in your Wealth Areas or office desk. Carry the Treasure Box Charm to Activate Income Luck.

Roosters who want to further enhance their Career Luck should display and carry the Power Elephant with Triumphant Warrior on their desks.


Your vitality, confidence and newly earned self esteem makes you feel desired. This might just be the year in which ROOSTERS decide to take onto the adventure of love and romance..

Roosters that have been single for some time now, may want to take a step back from the fun, since there may be a feeling of emptiness inside. So finding something deep and meaningful is something you feel you need.
If you are a Rooster that has been doubting your current relationship, keep In mind that you can still find the right person If you really put your mind to what makes you happy. Re-thinking about your situation is not bad at all! Activate your Love areas to keep your love calm and long-lasting by displaying Mandarin Ducks symbols, Rose Quartz or Double Happiness Symbols.