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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for the Rat in 2018


The RAT in 2018 must use symbolic placements to overcome an array of feng shui problems. The good news is that your luck in the past three years has enabled you to amass a spectacular arsenal of spiritual strength and inner confidence. This helps you withstand the powerful wu wang, which blows negative Earth winds your way. Health issues emerge; and at work, difficulties caused by envy and office politics arise. You are experiencing weak life force and your spirit essence is also low. This means you MUST invite in powerful feng shui remedies to suppress these manifestations of bad luck. You are an incredibly resilient sign, and this year you benefit enormously from having the image of the Windhorse near you.


 It might not be the luckiest year for the Rat Born this 2018. However, Rats will find themselves resting a bit from themselves. This especially when the Rat has the constant need to fight against everything, this year you will simply going along with it. This could be good for you.

However, there are some negative Feng Shui vibrations from the #5 Misfortune Star. This could present obstacles and hard challenges for you. Not only will it be harder to advance, but it can create frustrations and even health issues. So make sure you take care of this Star’s negative energy as soon as you can, using the powerful 5 Element Pagoda and carrying the 5 Element Pagoda key chain charm for extra protection. The 2018 Bejeweled Stupa is also a strong cure recommended for Rats and the #5 star. 

The Earth Dog finds the Rat in a very weakened situation, in which your spirit essence and life force is very low. Carry the 2018 Increase Life Force Medallion to heighten both of these weakened energies.
Also, watch out because your Windhorse energy is also very frail.
The best advise is to not force anything to happen if it doesn’t. Because of the weakness the Rat has during 2018, this can cause inner strength and self confidence to be low. Display the Wind Horse in your study or work area.


health-icon-zodiac.pngMost Rats can expect an average health throughout 2018, this mainly because of the #5 in your way. Remember, that you must be aware and act on anything you feel as quickly as possible. However, there are some age groups that will have an overall better health luck. The best Feng Shui cures to subdue health issues are the Bejeweled Garuda and the 2018 Metal Wulou with Garuda Bird, carry the Garuda Illness Amulet for extra protection.

10, 34, and 70 year olds will have most immunity from illness and feel energetic most of the time.

22 and 82 year olds won’t be feeling too energetic, but will not have to worry about major illness for most of the time. Remember that anything can escalate quickly, so make sure you are protected.

46 and 58 year olds will have the worst health luck during 2018. Eat well and avoid emotional stress. Take care of first signs of illness as quickly as possible. Choose from any of the Garuda designs as well as Wulous in this catalog, these are the most powerful and recommended for all Rats.



58 year old Rats and 34 year old Wood Rats will enjoy good wealth luck overall. Activate this luck with Feng Shui amulets to call upon prosperity and abundance.

10 and 70 year olds will have some raised wealth luck, with little obstacles in their path for money-making. 

22 and 82 year old rats will not have as much luck as the two age groups before, however it will be average. The good news is: No major wealth loss is presented in the charts, however, you must take good care of the assets you already have.

46 year old Rats will be the ones who need to be extra careful with investing and overspending. This might be a good year to cut back a bit and save. It is not advised that you take any financial risks. Remember that weakened energies will affect success and money-making. Boost the energy as much as you can using powerful symbols.

Activate your Wealth luck with the 2018 Dzambhala, and the Golden Deity in the SOUTHEAST. 



Because of the weakened and not-so-fortunate Feng Shui winds blowing the Rats’ way, you might find yourself struggling to find love this year. If you really put your mind to it and it's something you desire to have, then you will need to work hard and dedicate yourself to finding a relationship or to consolidate the one you already have.

Married Rats will have more arguing and quarreling throughout the year, even more than other years. Make sure you take care of your marriage as much as you can and enhance your love sectors to promote a healthy and long-lasting relationship. It is advisable that married Rats take care of love in order to find the right one or to stay with the partner you already have. 

It is recommended that Rats display Mandarin Ducks as well as using Rose Quartz and Double Happiness Symbols, display them in your bedroom or Love sector. The Red Crystal Lotus Flower and the Jade Peonies are symbols of Love and strong, long-lasting marriages. Any of these cures will enhance your Love greatly in 2018.