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Feng Shui 2018 for the RABBIT


The RABBIT in 2018 is feeling confident and very strong indeed, brought by more than encouraging indications in your life force and spirit essence. This sign enjoys splendid SUCCESS luck and there is Victory coming your way in spite of tough situations and the challenge of people betraying your trust. There is stress arising from the nasty 7 star, which brings duplicity and treachery. You must wear the HUM pendant to dispel these betrayals and to stay strong in spite of gossip and backbiting. Let the successes that come your way ignite your amazing resilience. Rejoice that your lung ta, the powerful indicator of success, is at a very high level.


In 2018 Rabbits who have put in hard work in planning and projects may see them blooming to big success over the course of the year. Rabbits will have many reasons to enjoy the year and the great outcomes it has in store for you.
You will find yourself confident of fulfilling your ideas with your skills, as well as your focus of goals and how to attain them. You will be delighted with the results!

Rabbits who have come upon changes in the work life, such as a promotion, change of responsibility or position will need to set their mind to accepting that obstacles may come their way, and the best way to get through them, is through hard work and focus. Because in order to succeed in your career you will see challenges, you will need to overcome them and keep your mind on the price. Use the Green Tara to keep you focused on your achievements, carry the Monkey Riding on the Horse, or the Elephant with the Triumphant Warrior.

The year of the Earth Dog will bring many great things into your life, but remember, focus is key. And challenges aren’t so bad after all, they will keep you moving and enthused. You can display the Amethyst Tree for Creativity and Focus to promote focus on your desk.


31, 55, and 91 year old Rabbits will be the most immune to health this year.

43 year olds have neutral health. Carry a Wulou Charm.

7, 19, 67 and 79 year old Rabbits will need to have as a priority the care for themselves, this age group will need to be extra cautious with health related matters. Carry the Garuda Anti Illness Charm, the Garuda Metal card or the display the Bejeweled Garuda.

Another great choice is the Health and Anti Illness Buddha pendant and Blue Buddha.


The only obstacle stopping you from ultimate wealth is the #7 Burglary star, which brings dangers or theft, robbery and maybe even financial betrayal. But if you use Feng Shui to cure this, you will for sure win this obstacle over and gain prosperity throughout the year.

Cure the #7 Star with Blue Rhinoceros Anti Burglary Amulet as well as displaying the Anti Burglary Plaque you can also carry the powerful 2018 Anti Burglary Talisman to subdue this energy. The #7 also brings physical dangers, so it is smart to subdue this energy as soon as possible. Another very powerful cure for 2018 is the Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras

7, 19 43 and 67 and 79 year old Rabbits will be blessed with ultimate wealth potential. Make sure you do everything in your hands to tap into this Feng Shui luck! Almost no other zodiac will have this amount of prosperity luck!

31 and 91 year old Rabbits will enjoy fair wealth potential. However be mindful about financial risks, it might not be a good idea.

55 year old Rabbit must be extra careful financially, don’t take any risks on new investments. If you are thinking of investing, make sure you use Feng Shui protection.

If you will be having trouble with money loss or weak wealth potential display the Metal Bowl filled with 8 Ingots as well as the 2018 Mountain of Gold in your wealth areas or SE of your office. 


Romance looks auspicious for the RABBITS during 2018! You will be giving off a confident and strong aura, so there will be plenty of admirers. If you are truly desiring someone special, you will for sure win them over, you’re irresistible during 2018!

Singles will have much fun and occasional flings, however for the Rabbits that are looking for something more serious, make sure you are spending some extra time working on this.
During 2018 you will be lovely to be around, your charisma will shine through. Embrace this!
If you really want to enhance your Love Luck this year, hang or display Double Happiness Symbols as well as Rose Quartz points and stones on your night table and love sectors.

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