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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for OX during 2018


The OX in 2018 enjoys excellent "lung ta", which brings spectacular success luck. You also sit next to the Star of Big Auspicious. Activate the wonderful energy of the Big Auspicious by displaying the Tai Kai as well as carrying the Tai Kai key chain.
There are good business prospects and exciting new opportunities coming your way. Much good luck can manifest for you this year, including some powerful victories. But the #3 Quarrelsome Star indicates hostility and the bitterness of fighting energies can cast a long shadow. Unless you use the placement of powerful feng shui remedies to neutralize poison arrows aimed at you, your low spirit essence can make you vulnerable to your own weaknesses. Wear amulets at all times, especially the large OM pendant.


The 2018 Forecast for the Ox during 2018 looks to be somewhat mixed. You will enjoy a strong Windhorse luck (LUNG TA) , which will help you succeed in anything you pursue, the cosmos are on your side!
This will help you feel more confident in all areas of your life, especially those which concern competition and rivals.
The counterpart to this exceptional luck is that you have the presence of the #3 Quarrelsome Star, which brings forth hostility, badmouthing, gossip and legal issues, especially within the work place. You will need to stay alert at work, hostility can come in forms of betrayal and office politicking. This will be very strong during 2018. And careful, this could affect work relationships which can damage your career luck, as well as personal relationships. To remedy, display the Red Apple with Peace Symbol on your desk, as well as the Flaming Magic Wheel in the NORTHEAST. You can also carry the Fireball Charm or the Red Eagle key chain for extra protection. Other great cures are the Eagle Symbols, these are also very powerful for your desk.
Once you can rise over this negativity, you will open the gates to very auspicious energy in all aspects for 2018.

You should also pay attention to the Tai Sui this year. According to the charts, 2018 will be a year in which you tend to irritate the Grand Duke - carry the Tai Sui Amulet and place the Tai Sui Plaque 2018 in the NW to gain his support. You can also visit the Tai Sui for 2018 Catalog for more cures and information.


health-icon-zodiac.pngSince the #3 Star is at bay, this could cause the OX in some age groups much stress and hostility, which can produce illness and a weakened immune system. Make sure you take some time off to relax and meditate enough to get back on your feet. Remember that your spirit essence is low this year, which can help negative energy enter and cause illness.

45 and 57-year-old ox will be the most jeopardized with oncoming illnesses. Wear amulets and make sure you have powerful symbols next to you while you sleep and in your home's health area.

21 and 81-year-olds will not have as much negative luck, but still need to keep tension and emotional stress under control to stay as healthy as possible throughout the year.

33 and 69-year-old ox will have fair health during 2018. Anything might escalate quickly, so pay attention to your body.

Display certain Feng Shui health enhancers like the Blue Medicine Buddha and the 2018 Wulou with Garuda Bird and carry the Garuda Bird Anti Illness charm for 2018. You can also choose from any Wulou designs to keep by your side.


The strong lung ta the Ox has been blessed will bring the energy of project completion and forging ahead with prosperity and money-making. However, this does not mean you are free to spend without caution, it is best that all OX thinks about what they are investing in, follow your inner voice and think carefully about your financial decisions. If you sense that there might be dangers ahead, don’t act on it. It is best you don’t act merely on instincts, impulsiveness will not get you anywhere auspicious, on the contrary. Capture the wealthy energy with the Hook Abundance Mirror or the HOOK bracelet, as well as other prosperity attractors.

The great news is that you are being blessed by the Big Auspicious Star, which promises the OX good fortune ahead if activated at its fullest with special enhancers.

9, 33, and 69 year old Ox will enjoy the best prosperity luck throughout the year.

21 and 81 year old will only have neutral wealth luck, make sure you take advantage of the Big Auspicious, tap into the star to reap the benefits.

45 year old Ox should be very cautious, avoid taking risks.


The unexpected love you were waiting for can finally appear into the OX’s life in 2018, predictions show that someone special will need to really catch your heart since the Ox tends to be somewhat fussy when it comes to choosing a partner. When the right person appears, you will be able to feel happy and settle down peacefully. If you work on finding Love, you will, but it may be more likely that this person finds you instead, since 2018 will be a rather busy year for you. Get ready to seize the opportunity of love. Attract Love by using Feng Shui enhancers like the Double Happiness birds in the SOUTHWEST or the South. The Double Happiness symbols is greatly auspicious, use it in your bedroom and Love Sectors.

Because of your busy year, you’ll give off a sense of victory and confidence that will make you seem compelling to others, embrace it!