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Zodiac Forecast


 (NOV 7 - DEC 6, 2019)




OX's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) 

The Ox may have thought things were settling down, but that isn’t the case yet. The #5 Yellow Misfortune rears its ugly head again, bringing setbacks and obstacles against success and happiness. Take charge of your luck as best you can by placing the Tibetan Dorje Vajra or 5 Element Pagoda in the Northeast sector now. Wearing white and metallic colors helps ward off the negative Earth energy such as the 5 Element Pagoda Necklace or key chain. Keep thoughts and plans to yourself now because even friends and allies could work against you or cause disappointment. At work, think smart and protect yourself. This is a good time to watch expenses because unexpected money issues could arise. It’s not a good time to be risky in investments. Bad press, problems with your staff and unsavory competitors also threaten finances and business luck. Wait till later to hold special meetings or big events.

Love and relationships suffer from the #5, as well, so engagements or marriage plans are best left till another time. Keep romance light for now and beware an argument that could arise from something you do or say. Singles fare better than married Ox, who may encounter the threat of an affair by a partner. Carry the Marriage Saver Key chain for precautions against this and keep in good contact with your spouse. Wear a Rose Quartz bracelet to enhance relationships.


TIGER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast)

Tigers will need to take extra caution in their lives this month due to the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star’s presence. Obstacles arise and it will be easy for things to go wrong. Have a back-up plan in place for such occasions and think decisions through carefully before acting. Instincts alone will not keep you safe – do your research while keeping your facts to yourself in case they should fall into the wrong hands. It’s not a good time to take risks, and even with familiar projects and activities, you’ll need to be careful of work competitors or rivals. Fortunately, the Tiger has good life force and spirit essence now, offering strength when holding your ground and keeping firm in your work. But business luck will still be negatively affected. Keeping the Tibetan Dorje  or 5 Element Pagoda in the NE is wise feng shui advice. Wear the five element pagoda pendant or carry a 5 Element Pagoda Key chain.

Love and even friendships are negatively impacted now, with friends perhaps making changes in plans at the last minute. Romantically, singles should consider waiting till later to date because your mind is already full with business and friendship issues. Those already in a relationship, though, might find comfort from that person when it’s needed most. Wear a Rose Quartz Bracelet for longevity and resilience in your love with your other half.


RAT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North) 

Potential harm arrives from the #7 Robbery/Loss Star this month, so extreme caution must be used against its Metal energy. Fortunately, the Rat is a water sign and this provides some protection. However, it’s advised that Rats use feng shui cures to increase protection, such as the Anti-Burglary Red Plaque  at the North sector of the home. Carry a Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet . A water feature to help boost resistance to the Metal energy is another feng shui suggestion. The #7 Star causes the threat of betrayal or backstabbing, even from someone thought to be an ally. If this person is a friend, at least give them the benefit of the doubt in case you don’t have all the facts behind their actions. Still, avoid risky endeavors, especially with money or investments. For protection of wealth, carry the Good Fortune Lock Amulet Key chain. Office politics and gossip could be an issue this month so don’t get dragged into discussions that could be harmful. Displaying a Rooster on one’s desk helps “peck away” this petty gossip.

As for the Rat’s personal life, this isn’t the month for great socializing. It’s best to lie low to avoid arguments or saying the wrong thing. 


RABBIT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East)

Rabbits already have experienced some good luck recently and with the arrival of the #9 Future Prosperity/Magnifying Star, this can only get better. Projects can be completed and plans (especially long-range ones) can get underway. It’s fine to dream and plan big but also be grateful for smaller steps along the way so you don’t become impatient. Your enthusiastic attitude helps draw support from others which helps move things along. Just focus on a few special projects, though, instead of taking on too much, because you want quality results. Feng shui advice suggests displaying the God of Wealth on Tiger in East for Building Solid Foundation for Wealth. It’s a good time for expansion and promotion, as recognition luck is strong. The more you and your message reach people, the better. Wear a 9 Eye Tibetan Old Dzi Bead

In love, beware going too strong with your desires – allow a partner to help keep you grounded. Singles could be blinded by their sexual impulses now and end up in a wrong relationship or one that leads to infidelity. The married or committed Rabbit should definitely carry the Anti-Infidelity Red Fox  for relationship protection, too.


DRAGON's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast) 

Change plays a major role for Dragons now, in many aspects of their lives. A whole new path may present itself, and opportunities could bring about transformation. Going into this period with an open and positive frame of mind will be most helpful. Don’t worry what others think of you – their negativity shouldn’t stop or distract you. Don’t hesitate to move forward, even just one step at a time will help you achieve results you desire. To fully magnify this good fortune, call upon the Key for Success and Victory or Five Elements Victory Banner, placing it so you can see it on your desk, giving you success luck and motivation. Others will support you when they see your determination, and this could lead to a promotion or elevation in duties or position. Just don’t forget those you knew before. Wear a Jade Bamboo Pendant or Fantasy Golden Ray Tiger Eye Bracelet for victory in business or upward mobility in your career.

Love is favored this month, so enjoy yourself and listen to your heart. Leave worries behind after work and focus on your personal relationships. You’ll attract admirers when socializing, which boosts your confidence. Boost your love luck with a Rose Quartz Puff Heart.


SNAKE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast) 

Change and new beginnings are in store for the Snake. Be on the lookout for new doors to open, but realize that it could mean leaving something behind. Think over new opportunities and changes, but if they seem wise, then once you’ve made your decision for change, don’t look back and don’t let others negatively influence you or cause doubt. If the Snake feels stuck in a job or situation that is boring, doing something about it is the best thing. Wealth luck is favored, and investments can pay off – not gambling, but actual business investments. Competition could arise but don’t shy away and you can come out ahead. Display a The Golden Eagle in the Southeast and wearing a Bejeweled Crown Phantom Quartz Pendant can bring you many benefits this month.

In love, single Snakes are in for a pleasant change and can find admirers and happiness. Even if a relationship seems out of the ordinary, don’t let friends steer you away from someone who makes you feel good. A friendship could even turn into something more now – if it feels right, go for it! Married or committed Snakes must find more common ground with a partner, because it’s possible you’ve been drifting apart. Students also feel change in the air and could find renewed joy in their studies this month. Display a Pair of Colorful Mandarin Ducks for Love or Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom to boost love luck.


HORSE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South) 

The Horse enjoys good fortune now, and your enthusiasm draws people in, bringing support for your ideas. Productivity is high and a boss could take notice. If someone offers to help, accept it without looking for a sinister reason. The more you rise to the occasion and take initiative, the more support you’ll receive. Doors could open if the right influential person takes notice. Or someone you knew before – an old friend, perhaps – may have something to offer you. If it’s been awhile since you communicated, now may be the perfect time. Just make sure it doesn’t sound like you want a favor somehow. It’s a good time to improve your skills or knowledge at work; expanding your horizons will pay off. Boost your luck from heaven this month by placing a Precious Minister Holding Wind chime or 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque in the South and carrying a Ratnasambhava Buddha Key chain.

In personal matters, the Horse will crave flattery and attention. This can definitely occur, but it’s necessary to give compliments and speak well of others, too. Be a good listener because it’s very attractive. Student Horses have good study luck and may receive help from a teacher who acts as a mentor. Be respectfully open to their advice and it can be most beneficial.


SHEEP's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)  

Though the Sheep experiences wealth luck now from the #8 Star, it won’t be all smooth sailing because the annual #5 Yellow Misfortune Star is also present. This creates too much Earth energy and it’s necessary to calm that with Metal energy. Hanging a metal 6-Rod Mystic Knot Wind chimes or Five Metal Rods Bagua Wind chime in your home in your sector of the Southwest is wise advice for this, as is wearing the 8 Auspicious Objects with Om Pendant (Golden) or carrying The Stupa of 8 Doors to Abundance Key chain. In business, there are encouraging aspects but avoid anything too risky and don’t make major decisions just now. It’s a good time to lay groundwork and make plans without fully acting on them. Misfortune from the #5 Star could take the form of health problems or lack of faith in yourself. Don’t let others sense this insecurity, and carry the Protection of Wealth and Good Name Amulet Key chain to increase the way you are seen by others.

A new love could arise for the Sheep but it’s best to take things slow. There’s nothing wrong with this – it’s better than trying to rush into a relationship when you have so much else to deal with now. The Sheep already in a relationship could encounter arguments or misunderstandings. Carrying 
 the fireball key chain can help heighten compassion with each other and soften the situation. Student Sheep have very good study luck this month with excellent exam results. Just make sure to balance studies with a bit of free time to relax.


MONKEY's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)

This is an auspicious month for Monkeys, full of new opportunities and money luck, thanks to the presence of the #8 Wealth Star. This can mean that your hard work pays off, it could mean a promotion or bonus, or even a windfall from an unexpected source. Monkeys will be busy but happy, and not only because of their finances. Camaraderie is strong at work and people will be happy to support you. It’s a good time to network, with a new ally forming or a contact from the past resurfacing. Be open to whatever comes along and enjoy your popularity. Enhance your wealth star by placing a Feng Shui Eight Auspicious Objects or Bejeweled Mystic Knot in the SW, and carrying a Figure of Eight Carp for Abundance Key chain.

Friendship is favored this month. Your charm and sense of humor attract friends and people who share your ideas and interests. Some of these people may not be long-lasting additions to your life, but they’ll be fun while it lasts. In love, romance blooms. Singles could meet someone special. If so, get to know one another and perhaps take a brief romantic holiday together. Monkeys who’ve been dating someone already might find that relationship deepening, even to the point of an engagement or marriage. Wear a High Grade Dragon and Phoenix Jade Pendant Necklace to strengthen bond with your other half. The student Monkey receives favorable comments from a teacher and could find that this urges them to pursue even more studies and success in education.


ROOSTER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West)  

The #4 Peach Blossom Star promises romantic and scholastic luck for the Rooster. In fact, relationships of all types, business and personal, will indeed blossom and grow. Things could move quickly, and it may be necessary to remember to listen to your heart but consider your sensible thinking as well, so as not to get carried away. Try to steer clear of committing too quickly to something or taking on too much, because results could be disappointing. Beware a work romance that gets out of control and harms your reputation or chances for success. It’s fine to dream of happiness but mix that with sound thinking and practicality. Pay attention to the success stories of business leaders or celebrated people you admire, and take a cue from them and how they live their lives. To fully awaken and activate the #4 Star’s potential, consider wise feng shui advice of placing the 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda nearby and carrying a Education Scholastic Amulet Key chain to increase earning ability and steer you on the right career path.

Students experience exam and study luck this month and can expect smooth sailing in educational matters. In love, the #4 works overtime to create romance but it can be too overwhelming in some cases, leading to infidelity or infatuation with someone who really isn’t the right person. You need the assistance of fox fairy by wearing an Amethyst Fox Adjustable Ring or Fox for Mesmerizing Love Pendant.


DOG's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest)

Angry energy arrives with the #3 Quarrelsome Star now, and misunderstandings seem to appear out of nowhere for the Dog. It will take effort to avoid quarrels and disagreements that could harm you personally or in business matters. It’s best to walk away from a heated discussion rather than trying to win a point, because people could misunderstand something you say or do and only make things worse. It’s wise to wear red when possible to subdue angry energy. Keeping areas brightly lit also sheds a positive glow and wards off negativity, with the added benefit of attracting wealth luck. Just be sure not to add – and if necessary, remove – wind chimes in your Northwest sector, as the sound of the metal upsets the #3’s energy. Try to stay calm now. If your temper starts to flare, spend some quiet time deep breathing. Don’t try to blame someone for your anger – simply visualize them leaving your vibrations. Display a fireball or Flaming Sword in the NW and carry a Red Eagle Key-chain for Quarrelsome Star.

This act of maintaining a calm mind and not letting resentment or blame overtake you works in your personal life as well as at work. Arguing with a partner and trying to make your point heard is not likely to work in your favor and could lead to something that escalates out of control quickly. Carry the Red Apple to control conflicts and bring peace.


BOAR's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest)

Boars must use caution to avoid anger and negativity this month, with the arrival of the #3 Quarrelsome Star. It’s best to avoid conflict and steer clear of heated discussions before they escalate into full-fledged arguments that could harm a relationship. Step back, take a deep breath and keep your environment peaceful by making sure you don’t have a wind chime hanging in your Northwest sector. Wearing the color red also tames angry energy and should be done all the way through till the New Year. It will be easy to misinterpret something a co-worker or friend says now and you might jump to the entirely wrong conclusion too quickly. Visualize the person as being tiny and actually standing in the palm of your hand. Then “see” yourself “blowing” them away, out of your life for the time being. Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to blame someone for what they said or did, often unfairly. Subdue the argumentative energy by placing a Gold Apple with Peace Symbol in the NW. You should also carry a Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star or Golden Trident of Guru Rinpoche Key chain, or wear a Golden Strawberry Quartz Bracelet.

This also occurs in the personal life of the Boar now. Refrain from blaming a spouse or love partner for something that’s upsetting you. Be gentle – walk away from an argument if need be and keep your relationship intact by doing so. Wear a Rose Quartz bracelet to evoke a sense of joy and peace in you.