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Complete Feng Shui Forecast for Monkey 2018

2018 Monkey Zodiac Quick Overview:

The MONKEY in 2018 benefits from the splendid winds of the #6 star. This brings unexpected windfall luck that comes from heaven, and those engaged in Metal industries will benefit the most, especially if you strengthen Metal element around you. There is powerful benefactor or qui ren luck coming to help you. This is strengthened by the presence of the Star of Golden Deity, which flies into your sector. The best news is that your life force and spirit essence are at peak levels. This suggests it is your confidence, hard work and determination that will bring you big success. You create your own luck. Invite the Golden Deity into your home.



2018 has various aspects that make this an auspicious and fortune filled year. This will take some effort and determination, but thanks to our spirit essence luck, you will be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

 Make ambitious plans for the year ahead, since you will be meeting new people that will assist you in creating wonderful things. Great projects and opportunities are heading your way. Monkeys are feeling confident and positive, you will attract more people and brilliant things will be accomplished.

Your mind will be clear and your instincts will be sharper than ever. This will help you take the better decisions, and this is a good sign, since many opportunities will be unfolding before your eyes during 2018. You will be in shape to make the right choices. Follow your inner voice and do what feels right, you won’t be wrong! The #6 Star will be your guide, make sure to activate its powers with Feng Shui and you will be on track to a wonderful year!

To powerfully activate this star's amazing heavenly energy place the Heaven Seal in the SW and it is advised that all Monkeys carry the Heaven Seal Talisman as well as the Annual Amulet Key Chain for 2018 to really strengthen your Success Luck to the max.


The overall luck seems strong so Monkeys should be able to get through the year without having any major illness. Since you will be confident and have a clear mind-set, this will help you know if there is something going on with your body.

26, 62 and 86 year old monkeys will be the most resistant to health issues.

14 and 74 year
olds will need to be more aware of their body and mental health, as they will only be having average health luck. Emotions will also take great part in what health will look like for Monkeys throughout 2018.

The 38 and 50 year old
Monkeys will need to take good care of themselves, eat healthier and handle stress. Health luck is bad for this age group of Monkeys in 2018. Carry health amulets protection and handle your sleep area as well as your health area with Feng Shui cures such as the Glow in the Dark Medicine Buddha for Health and the Garuda.


Monkeys will make this a year of blessed abundance with hard work and attention to every detail, especially to any creative ideas that are implemented. 2018 will be a mixture of wealth luck, but your financial luck will be boosted with a focused mind-set. Display the Green Tara to enhance your focus on reaching your achievements as well as the Amethyst Tree for Creativity and Focus or the Wish Fulfilling Tree of Creativity on your office desk, or Feng Shui creativity area.

The 14, 38, 50 and 74 year old MONKEYS will have the most auspicious years. Prosperity and abundance will be knocking on your door, so make sure you are ready to receive this energy!

62 year old Monkeys will only have average finances during the yearl

26 and 86 year old Monkeys must be careful with their money. Avoid over spending and protect your assets. Don’t take any financial risks.

For those that wish to overcome any financial misfortune or stay protected against any money loss and gain prosperity instead, display Wealth Symbols such as the Wish Fulfilling Cow in the SE, as well as Feng Shui Wealth Trees and carry wealth attractors throughout the year.


More good news for the Monkeys during 2018! This year will be just heavenly in terms of romance for all Monkeys, your ally, the #6 Star will open doors to new relationships and deep meaningful love.

If you find someone you might be interested in, don’t be afraid to go for it. You are charming and others will find it hard to resist you!
If you’re ready to get into a relationship, activate the #6 star, she will bring blessings of love and highly intense relationships.
Don’t fight against the feeling of love, throughout 2018 you will find out that love can happen anywhere and at any time.
Monkeys will find themselves in a more serious state in their love life, so leading someone on just for the fun of will not be on your mind. Displays or carry Feng Shui Love Symbols of your Choice to enhance this luck!

This might be the year for engagements and marriages! - Married Monkeys will have a nice time, enhance your marriage and long-lasting relationships with the Dragon and Phoenix, as well as the Double Happiness Symbol in your Love Areas and bedroom.