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Feng Shui House Layout 2022

Feng Shui House Layout 2022

How to arrange your house in 2022


Flying Star is one of the most popular and accurate formulas to apply feng shui in your home, and it is easy to understand. Just superimpose the nine numbers of the year's chart onto the floor plan of your home or office to get a good idea of the dominant number in each of the nine sectors of the house. Then apply the cures or enhancers necessaries.   The 2022 flying star chart points to six sectors to pay close attention to, especially the center occupied by the misfortune star #5. 

The annual Flying Star chart comes into full effect from February 4, 2022; however, it is advisable to start placing the cures beginning December 21, when the new energies begin to take place, and the new Ta Sui takes office.

Misfortune Star 5 in the Center
This star is located in the center of each house and brings misfortune of all kinds. Being in the center, this energy can permeate the rest of the house. You have to pay a lot of attention to this star and place the appropriate cures. As it is in the center, it will affect all residents; this means that it is recommended that everyone wear a protection amulet, such as the 5-element pagoda, the Heart Sutra Pillar, or any other amulet of your choice. Display the 5-element pagoda figure or Sutra Pillar in the center to counteract the afflicting energy. This cure is one of the most important for 2022 since the center always has dominance on the chart.




The Illness Star #2 flies back to its home location of Southwest. And because we are in the Period of 8, this number's negative side is dominant. The illness star is an Earth element star, so its location in an Earth sector strengthens it. It is therefore vital to subdue this Feng Shui affliction, otherwise it gets stronger through the year.  Star #2 brings diseases and illness vibrations to this matriarchal corner of any residence. It is also the corner that affects the Sheep and Monkeys. Bedrooms or doors located here will be afflicted by illness energy. Display Metal Wulous or the Effective Garuda Bird figure in this sector. Also carry anti-illness amulets. 


Quarrelsome Star #3 flies to the East, affecting the luck of the eldest son and Rabbits and residents of a house facing East and residents occupying a room in this sector. With the #3 here, the Feng Shui energy generated could cause severe conflicts between the generations in any household. Sons (especially eldest sons) and fathers will find fault with one another, incessantly disturbing the peace of the household.  Angry mood swings afflict the energy of homes that either face or sit East, and such homes will require special feng Shui remedies, otherwise there is disharmony in the household. This can also bring stress and strain to marriages and sibling relationships and widen generational differences. It triggers feuds within families and fall-outs between business partners. Bedrooms located in the East will be especially afflicted by the #3 Flying star, and every effort must be made to suppress it.  This negative star can also attract legal problems to your household. In its weakest form all you may have to contend with a speeding fine, some unpleasant gossip or face some obstacles completing some project or collecting money owed to you. But when the number 3 star is strong, obstacles can inflict serious damage, for example being hit by a costly lawsuit or investigated by the authorities. 
Court cases, litigation and severe quarrelsome energy enter homes that have prominent East sectors (e.g. when the main door is located in the East sector or is facing East) and these are sure to make life very aggravating for those living within. Display the Red Dragon Slicing Troubles in the East and carry amulet sto protect relationships and keep troubles and legal issues at bay. 


The #7 Burglary/Betrayal Star flies to the West,  
The danger of #7 Flying Star manifests as money loss, robbery, betrayal and violence. There is also danger of fighting and accidents, being conned and cheated.  The number 7 Robbery Star is bad news in the current period of 8 as it also brings people with bad intentions into the direction it dominates.  It is always advisable to keep the number 7 under control. This is a strong Feng Shui affliction, well worth taking some trouble over. Should one get hit by the 7 star affliction, it is a most unpleasant experience that can include being physically hurt. Mentally also, the 7 star brings betrayal and a breakdown of trust that can be very unpleasant. Display the Antirobbery Plaque and carry amulets for protection against betrayal, robbery and money loss. 


TAI SUI (GRAND DUKE JUPITER) The Tai Sui resides in the Northeast 3 sector in 2022.  Resident whose properties face Northeast or whose front door is in the Northeast must display the Tai Sui Plaque to get the God of the Year at their side.  It’s advised to avoid facing the Northeast direction as this will be confronting him and will incur his anger - to avoid risk or loss, obstacles and defeat. Instead, sit with your back to his direction and the Tai Sui will have your back, giving you support. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2022 and keep a Tai Sui Card 2022 in your wallet. 



The Three Killings affliction movs into the NORTH sector. The Three Killings, also known in Chinese as the San Sha is usually responsible for inflicting three types of losses: loss of financial gains, loss of reputation and loss of a loved one. Remedy this affliction by displaying the Three Guardians or Three Ki Lins and carrying amulet for protection.