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Feng Shui Forecast for Tiger- Year 2017

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2017 Feng Shui Zodiac Forecast for Tiger


2017  definitely an average time for the Tiger. He will on occasion feel assailed by momentary and unnecessary concerns, this can disturb your mind and influence your demeanor.The Tiger could receive the important help or a pal throughout the entire year, while emotional disappointments are also to be regarded. The weakenes of your chi could cause self- doubt which may cause decline in your self assurance leading to a lack of enthusiasm. Hold the friendship amulet and increasing life force amulet.

In 2017, be adaptable with small disappointments as Tiger recovers from the Monkey year. Sustain composure nor take place battles because you won't win. It is a period to be in charnge and complete projects. Close friends, family, and co workers will offer you their support. Tiger, show patience; your cycle of fortune begins in Dog in year 2018.

A weakened life forece and inner essence might lead to you to doubt yourself and a shortage of energy. You will certainly hesitate before jumping into tasks or assignments as well as accepting invitations to pursue them. It's going to be  necessary to stay solid and upbeat, on the surface if nothing else. You'll be able to improve your inner/spirit essence with the help of a Metal element to your atmosphere - Conceivably metal wind chimes or using an 8 Auspicious Objects . Because of your insufficient confidence, success may simply be average in 2017 but you will note a major opportunity that comes along however. When you identify it, don’t restrain. To improve your lung ta/ fortune}, invite  of the Wind Horse (Windhorse Plaque or Bejewelled King Gesar of Ling on WindHorse) into your home or office. Carry  the Windhorse with Jewels Keychain or Windhorse Keychain for Recognition and Success.


2017 is a season of steady improvement for the Tiger in regards to career. Though there might be some complications at the beginning of the year,the might be minor and wouldn't normally cause much disruption. For those who have their personal business it might be smart to hang a wealth Merchant Ship in the North sector of of your workplace. For those set incomes hold or hang the Big Money talisman in the North sector.

If you’re looking for a  job, you will find opportunities, but hiring managers are taking their time choosing candidates. to move the application back to the top of the pile, set a Money Tree at home office to attract the brand new position.

Tigers within their late twenties may choose to focus their work rather than pursuing romance. The Tiger 2017 Horoscope implies that your circle of good friends is expanding quite somewhat this season as you pull people linked to your varied pursuits into your sphere. If you’re looking for love, it’s there however not obvious. You might not exactly be so drawn these types of approaches.

If you’re tired of being single, 2017 could be a great year for you. You can meet prospects for love via social gatherings and through friends. While you may feel a little hesitant at first, others will go out of their way to put you at ease, in hopes of getting to know you better.

There may be some health problems for the Tiger especially during the first half of the year. To counter this, place a Brass Wu Lou in your personal Kua Number and another in the East sector of your home or office.

Any sort of challenge usually brings about their highest potentials and reinforce their deep magical and mystical personality. Just about all Tigers have solid convictions. Their dedication usually brings tangible benefits.


If you’re tired of being solo, 2017 is actually a superb year for you personally. You can meet potential peple for love via public gatherings and through close friends. When you may just a little hesitant initially, others will come and help place your at ease.

This sign is definitely benefited by the Star of Peach Blossom” positioned the Northeast. In year 2017,  the tiger benefits from the support of your astrological ally the Dog, being very important through the Autumn month of year. Activate your peach Blossom Luck for sure!


The Tiger very much enjoy some wealth fortune especially in the heart of the year. Nevertheless 2017 is a time to be as prudent as you have a tendency to spend cash recklessly. So even though you have an excellent sum saved up, it will be depleted and dried out within no time if you spend pointlessly. Due to this place a Dragon grasping the pearl in your workplace to help limit your spending and consider inviting Wealth God some  for extra wealth luck.

For all those Tigers who are employed, your leads look quite good. Your alternatives are expanding, and there's a probability of a promotion this season.. The same applies to those who own your private business: you will notice your client list grow. Hold the Increasing business amulet to increase the fortune even more.

Tiger, in 2017 do not lend money to others seeing that you might have a difficult time getting it back.

The Tiger may also enjoy Noble People luck in the year of the Rooster. Particularly these persons would assist you to settle or resolve challenges without fights or arguments.Display the Fu Luk Sau in Yan Nian sector.

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